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An Engineering Job in Dubai

One Of The Most Lucrative Careers

Hi, Sunil here to talk about potentially an engineering job in Dubai for you?

Think about it…hotels are going up left and right and so are residential complexes.

Don’t you think there is a dire need for engineers?

Compensation packages for engineering jobs in Dubai are simply MAMOTH!

Close to thirty years ago, it would have been hard to imagine how far Dubai would come.

Yet today, it is home to some of the greatest masterpieces in architecture, engineering, and construction, and all the naysayers can only shake their head in wonder at the monumental achievements.

However, for everything that Dubai has already constructed, there is still more to come, as the constant construction boom continues, and with it, so too does the demand for every kind of engineering job in Dubai.

Most In-Demand Engineering Jobs

Although practically every type of engineering job is in demand in Dubai, a certain few do stand out of the crowd due mostly to their direct connection to construction.

As Dubai continues to operate in a furious circle of development, these jobs show no sign of losing their premium value.

One of the most sought after and high paying positions are those of Project Managers.

Typically, this job is generally one that is dominated by expatriates, as Dubai companies rely heavily on the experience of such people.

If you wish to even be considered for a job such as this, you will need a somewhat daunting amount of experience in managing a variety of projects.

Another equally in-demand job is that of quantity surveyors, or otherwise known as cost engineers. Due to the technical expertise offered by quantity surveyors in putting numbers, in terms of cost, to the high rise buildings that seem to continuously be in construction, they form an integral part of Dubai’s construction work.

Other engineering fields are in-demand too, including electrical engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers, and traffic engineers. As always, the more experience in the field, the better your chances of landing the more lucrative job offers and taking full advantage of the construction boom.

Salary Expectations and Living in Dubai

Despite the existence of very lucrative contracts, you could expect to make about eighty to a hundred thousand dollars on an annual basis, as an engineer. Tax free, of course, seeing as it is Dubai. No small sum, especially considering that with the wide range of benefits normally on offer the cost of living in Dubai becomes more affordable.

Truth be told, Dubai can be on the slightly expensive side, however when earning as much as most contract engineers do, and also having the additional perks such as housing allowances, travel allowances, medical insurance and the lot, it really isn’t unaffordable.

Furthermore, many people genuinely seem to enjoy living in the premier up-and-coming city of the world, and one that is so cosmopolitan that you can find people from practically everywhere.

Why would you pass on the experience of living in a foreign country while earning a good salary and enjoying all the myriad of benefits that are offered as well?

Truly, it is hard to imagine how one little fishing town could transform into such a vibrant, prospering city in such a very short time.

The Dubai Job Secrets guide is definitely the best resource in ensuring your chances to secure an engineering job in Dubai are as good as they can get.

Also, the database below is the biggest and most current repository of jobs in Dubai and the entire Middle East based on your preferred industry.

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