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Extreme Dubai Engineering - Dubai Ski Resort

** 2 Stars

Hi, this is Sunil to review a good watch on extreme Dubai engineering.

Ski Dubai is a winter wonderland in the middle of the desert all year long.

This DVD on extreme engineering discusses the development in Dubai such as Ski Dubai, both real and conceptual.

I say conceptual because some projects are only possible in theory. Dubai Extreme Engineering

But when we are talking about Dubai, nothing is impossible. The City has the biggest or everything. And now they are also building islands on water because they are running out of mainland so fast.

You’ve got to watch this DVD to see how the impossible is being made possible in Dubai.

You will see interviews from the builders and architects themselves who have designed some more the most extreme construction projects in Dubai such as the Dubai ski resort inside the Mall of Emirates.

I liked this video overall. Maybe it would have made a bigger impact on me had I not experienced Dubai prior to watching it. It is a good watch regardless.

The Discovery channel showed this footage and had to replay it a few times because of public demand.

I don’t think they will be showing it again and that’s why this DVD was released. Make sure you don’t miss out on the incredible projects in Dubai.

Read more about it here: Dubai - Extreme Engineering

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