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Hi, Sunil here to talk about finance jobs in Dubai…

I am excited for this one as it is my field!

With average household incomes increasing in Dubai, people are becoming wealthier and businesses are being formed by the day.

Who will handle the financial side of things for these individuals and companies?

Yup, finance jobs in Dubai are definitely on the rise.

They are the most demanded (as of 2008), most needed and the best paid jobs.

The city within a city that is the Dubai International Finance City (“DIFC”) has attracted many leading global financial players over time and has created an entire slew of opportunities in finance by doing so. As the DIFC continues to grow from strength, to strength, so too does the potential for truly lucrative jobs within some of the biggest names of our time.

All Types Needed: Experience is a Must

Due to the fact that not just banks, but insurers, investment companies, and other related financial institutions have all now taken up home in the DIFC, the range of areas within finance that are required is nothing less than complete.

Therefore, no matter what your area of expertise, there is surely a place for you within this vast empire of financial institutions.

As with everything else in Dubai however, what most employers are looking for are skilled and experienced personnel, so fresh graduates, naturally, are at a distinct disadvantage.

However, if you are reasonably experienced and have a good set of skills that are sufficient to land you a job in most leading financial institutions, then you should have little problems obtaining employment in the financial sector of Dubai.

Sometimes, institutions such as Barclays Bank, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds TSB, and others, are looking for employees with particular skill sets within finance, say, Islamic Banking for example. In these cases, prior experience in that particular area could be the leverage needed to land some of the more lucrative jobs on offer.

Rough Expectations

Stories of gold and riches in Dubai tend to be exaggerated sometimes, although admittedly not by very much. Most Dubai-based companies pay well for the services they receive from employees, and are not shy to display their appreciation through various other incentives as well.

A stunning example of one of the mouth-watering offers on the market is that of a recent real estate company looking for a Chief Financial Officer.

This job listing, posted online, quoted a salary of one hundred thousand British pounds a month, and is certainly a jaw-dropping prospect for anyone experienced enough to snap it up.

Perhaps that is an unbelievable one time offer, but other Dubai companies do tend very competitive rates in terms of salaries, most of which are slightly above the market range, at least. With the right skill set there is no knowing what you could find.

Due to the prevalence contract work, career advance has not been renowned as Dubai’s strong point, however even if not a long term job, the short term experience by being near the very pinnacle of the financial ladder along with all the other global market players can definitely benefit.

One of the best ways to go about applying is to search job listings online, and go to the various banks and financial institutions directly, inquiring about open positions in Dubai.

If and when you are rejected, try to find out the reasons for the rejection, and see if it is anything that can be improved on, so that the learning experience continues and you increasingly have a better shot at a finance job in Dubai in the future.

The Dubai Job Secrets guide is definitely the best resource in ensuring your chances to secure one of the many finance jobs in Dubai are as good as they can get.

Also, the database below is the biggest and most current repository of jobs in Dubai and the entire Middle East based on your preferred industry.

This is how most of my friends have secured professional jobs in Dubai. Select "UAE" under Location for career opportunities in Dubai.

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