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Guest Article: My Flight to Dubai

Author: Jonathan Hendricks

My very first flight to Dubai was surprisingly pleasant, despite the 'bang up' job that the stewardess did.

I live in England and it took me about 7 hours or so to get to this exotic destination.

Yes I am gabbing about Dubai.

The flight to Dubai was not as difficult as I had initially thought, with many a surprise in store for me.

Whenever we are required to travel in a 'tin can' for hours on end, we should have access to some in-flight entertainment so as to take our minds of the stress of flying.

It seems that British Airways, or at least the one that I was so lucky to fly on, thought otherwise. To give you a glimpse into what my in-flight experience was like, the video module was on the fritz, the headphones did not work and to top everything, I had the invisible stewardess waiting on me.

So yeah, my flight to Dubai is one experience that I am not going to be able to forget in a hurry. But ever since the British Airways experience, I have been doing a bit of research on the best in-flight experiences while flying to Dubai or for that matter, any other city.

The best in-flight experiences come from the passengers traveling by Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines as well as Qatar Airlines. These Airlines have managed to provide customized care to all of their passengers irrespective of whether they are traveling by economy or first class.

Personally, I think that any decent Airlines should treat its passengers alike despite the classification. Personally, I find it a bit galling to be classified as a passenger not worth the stewards or the stewardess time.

On the seating arrangements, have you ever faced difficulty in moving out of your seat, so as to get to the loo? Some of these Airlines come with seats packed so closely together, especially in the economy class, that getting out of them is literally a hurdle, no more, no less.

Maybe these Airlines wants to train all its economy class passengers for the Heptathlon, but it is not amusing for any of us trying to get to the loo while at the same time having to climb over the other passenger, leg and all. In this aspect, British Airways could do a whole deal with regard to its seats, at least place them a little wider apart.

You should not expect the very best in cuisine when it comes to air travel, but that is old news. These days many of the Airlines provide the very best in Haute cuisine, serving the very best from the rest of the world to their lucky passengers.

Well, I was not one of them, as it seems that British Airways still follows the old saying. The eggs were runny, the meat undercooked and the ice cream, melted altogether by the time it reached me.

So before you book that plane ticket, take the time to read some reviews of In-flight experiences so that you can avail yourself of the very best when it comes to your flight to Dubai.

Sunil here my friend,

This article wasn't meant to be a bash British Airways session. However I am sorry to hear about Jonathan's experience with them.

I have traveled British Airways before. In fact I have their credit card so that I accrue flying miles every time I swipe it somewhere. I personally haven't had this bad of an experience.

However, I will say that of the many flights to Dubai, Emirates Airlines is by far the best. There is a reason why it is always voted the best airlines in the world by frequent travelers.

I strongly recommend looking into them the next time you are looking at Dubai flights.

And if you choose not to go with Emirates for whatever reason, book through our pre arranged partner on any airline to Dubai to significantly save on your travel.

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