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Renting Furnished Apartments in Dubai

Hi, Sunil here to talk about renting furnished apartments in Dubai

This is a common question (where to find one, to get one or not) Kish and I get on email all the time.

So I thought I’d spend some time covering the topic here in its own little section of the website.

Both furnished and unfurnished apartments are available in Dubai.

Whether you should look into renting furnished apartments in Dubai depends on the time horizon you are looking to stay in it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the term rent is synonymous with lease or “to let”.

I am telling you this because you will see different ads indicating all sorts of things.

Just know that they all mean the same.

Hopefully this quick guide will make your apartment hunting quicker, easier and more focused.

What to consider when apartment hunting?

The most important thing is deciding on a time frame. Once you know how long or little you want to stay in a rented place, you will have a much easier time deciding which apartment to rent.

If you are looking for a short term accommodating, you might want to consider hotel apartments, corporate housing or extended stay hotels in Dubai. These all come furnished and are cheaper to rent compared to hotels on a short term basis.

If you are looking for a place to stay at longer than 6 months or so, I suggest looking into a permanent long term rental. Rental agreements are usually on a 6 month minimum term. This will be a better deal in the long run financially. You also have more freedom and flexibility with your own place when it comes to decorating it and making it fit your living arrangements and preferences.

And if that is the case, then you are definitely better renting furnished apartments in Dubai over unfurnished ones. Why would you spend money on furniture that you will not need in a few months or years?

Where to find rentals?

Everywhere. Just take a drive by and you will see “to let” signs everywhere. You will also see for rent signs in local grocery stores and restaurants you dine in. I wouldn’t worry much about where to find them as they are scattered all over Dubai.

Then don’t forget about our 21st century favorite, the media. Rentals are widely advertised in newspapers, television, radio and the Internet (by far my favorite and the best way to search for furnished apartments in Dubai).

Of all ways of finding furnished apartments for rent in Dubai, my favorite is the Internet (I bet you could have guessed that already). You can target areas and specify search criteria to significantly automate the process. It is faster and more effective overall. You can also use email to communicate at both your and the landlord’s convenience.

No matter where you find the rental, know that each contract is different. It is important to read it carefully and understand all the terms. Get it translated independently if the contract is in Arabic.

The problem with the Internet is that there are a ton of websites out there offering the same thing. It can be hard to pick out the good ones from all the bad apples around. Many of them also charge a fee to use it. So remember this, DO NOT PAY – Ever! to use it.

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