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Hi – Sunil here to talk about getting to Dubai

The best and the worst part of traveling is quite often a result of your organizational skills.

Some are just not that good when it comes to organizing and their trips could well be termed as haphazard, so much so that they barely managed to rendezvous with their plane.

So if you tend to do your packing at the very last minute, forget important things like the passport and even end up at the wrong airport, I am hoping this discussion will help your cause.

In case you are wondering, all of the above has happened to me in the past, so let us just say that is one experience you should avoid at all costs.

Getting to Dubai proved to be more of a challenge but in the end, I did manage to get there, with my passport and luggage.

One of the first things you need to do prior to your date of departure is to find out whether you require a visa to visit Dubai. Citizens from certain countries like most of Europe, the United States as well as Australia are exempt from obtaining Dubai visas prior to their departure and can get one on arrival at the Dubai airport.

So find out whether you need a visa or not. When it comes to Dubai visa requirements, make sure that you are applying for a correct one; basically it all depends on how long you plan to stay. If it is under 4 days then a transit visa should do the trick but if it is for more than 2 weeks then you require a tourist visa/visit visa.

The visit visa can be for 2 weeks and more, with the general cost of the application coming around to $178. In addition, you will need to apply for this visit visa through the help of a Dubai resident [translate = friend] who will have to sponsor your visa. But if you are a tourist with no known friends in this city, you can always choose to apply through the hotel that you plan to reside in while in this city.

On the eve of your departure make sure that your papers are all in order, if necessary double check it. I try to find out as much as I can about my preferred destination online and one of the ways that you can go about this is to ‘Google’ it. In this case, you are already at the most comprehensive website on Dubai :)

One of the neat things about doing a bit of online research is that it tends to pay off since most of the hotels as well as travel companies market their travel packages online. You can go online, Google the city and come across many travel packages offering you competitive rates. Or you can just go with one of our tested and strong recommendations on this website.

When it comes to choosing one from the many, you should always lookout for the packages which offer the plane deals, hotel rooms, transportation, guides, food… the whole deal at very attractive rates. These kind of packages often offer the very best when it comes to rates and will enable you to save quite a bit.

These packages offer an inexpensive option of getting to Dubai especially if you are traveling with your family. The best time to visit would be somewhere between September and February, which also happens to coincide with the Dubai shopping festival. Try and avoid traveling to Dubai during the summer blitz.

You should make it a point to visit the Burj Al Arab Hotel at least once, if not to stay then at least to visit. It is a 7-star hotel and alleged to be the only one of its kind (as of 2008).

The sight of the hotel and the nearby scenic views are enough to make you want to stay in Dubai for a while. When getting to Dubai, make it a point to carry some money in travelers’ checks, with the preferred currency being the U.S. Dollar. I am sure that you will have a ripping time in Dubai as I do every time I go.

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