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Girls in Dubai - A Meeting of The Future and Tradition

Describing to you what girls in Dubai are like if not really that easy for me (Sunil) because it would mean that I first have to explain their belief system and culture to give you background as to why they are different in many ways from the girls in other countries, specifically in the West.

The young women of Dubai, as you might have read, heard or seen in movies are very much respected and so not easily approached because their faith and culture keeps their guard up.

It was not so long ago that young girls of Dubai were not allowed to go out and have fun (like the guys).

They would usually stay home with their family and help their mothers with the daily household chores.

But in these modern times there is a little bit of liberty that is allowed to the ladies of Dubai.

The ones that are still studying or too young to work are often found in shopping malls with their friends. But take note, the friends that they are with are mostly women.

It is very rare to see young girls in Dubai alone with young men not related to them.

Usually you would see them in groups, usually friends from the same school.

Most of the hang out places for these young women are the malls and coffee shops near their homes.

You will not see girls in bars or clubs if they are any younger than 21 years of age as this is illegal. If one is caught bringing an underage girl to these establishment, they can get into a lot of trouble in Dubai.

For the young girls the daily routine is usually home, school, then back home. From time to time they are allowed to go out with friends for a movie or to eat out but this would usually involve a chaperone tagging along to make sure that they do not do anything wrong (yeah, I know what you are thinking).

Remember that Dubai is in a Muslim country (UAE) that has very strict rules when it comes to pre marital relationships. Men and women can’t just go dating like how they would do it in western countries. There are cultural procedures that must be followed and cannot be ignored.

Although modern times have forced a lot of changes, many young girls in Dubai still stay true to the old beliefs and follow the cultures that have been passed down by their parents. There are rare cases where you can see a young girl rebel to her parents regarding the “how to live their lives”. But often, it is the foreign women who are more liberal if you will.

Often you will only see liberated young women if they have been living in different countries for a long time. However, despite the influence of the other cultures of the world, once they are back in Dubai they can’t help but fall back to the standards of how young girls must act and behave in public.

Meaning they should carry themselves with utmost respect and humility, with traditional Muslim values and cultural norms. A lot of it has to do with societal and parental pressure. Hope you feel a bit more informed about the young girls in Dubai.

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