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Tips on Going Out in Abu Dhabi

Hi, Sunil here to dish out some tips on going out in Abu Dhabi

The genesis of this section? Well, what can I say.

If you know me even a bit I am sure you agree that I tend to get myself into trouble more so than I should, and this frustrates Kish as it should frustrate anyone.

I just like learning the hard way sometimes.

Yes I am a bit free minded and spirited (a nice way of saying careless).

I often “like to do my own thing”. However, I do NOT recommend you do this, especially in a traditional Muslim country.

As a guest of Abu Dhabi, you should (must) respect the local laws, rules and traditions of the host country.

This is just etiquette 101 needless to say.

That said, it can get quite tricky as you might find conflicting guidance on what to wear, what to say, where to go, what to do and how to behave all over the Internet.

So I put this small section quickly together to list out some pointers to consider.

This list is not just driven by cultural norms, but also by the questions we often get through email from our website visitors. By all means, please feel free to expand. Email me and let me know what I should add to this.

  • Never look at a lady and pass a smile (this is not the USA)

  • Don’t shake a local’s hand. To show gesture of acceptance, kindly nod your head while placing your right hand on your heart (a symbol of acknowledgement)

  • Ladies, it is better to keep your short skirts and explosive tops back home (at least I recommend you do that)

  • People tend to eat late, so snack in the afternoon because restaurants don’t open for dinner till 7:30pm or so.

  • Dress a bit more than just casual when dining out, unless you want to feel underdressed.

  • You will not be served alcohol in Abu Dhabi unless you are not a Muslim and over 21 (do not use fake IDs or you will get caught)

  • Absolutely say NO to drinking and driving

  • Do not get caught walking the streets intoxicated or carrying an open container of alcohol

  • Shorts, sandals, flip flops and sneakers are not allowed in restaurants and bars at night.

  • Remember that because you are in the desert, most places have AC and they usually have it on full. So be mindful of this when you go out to shop or just out and about.

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