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Golf Holidays in Dubai Are Becoming Very Popular

Hi – Sunil here to talk about golf holidays in Dubai!!!

There may be quite a few travel books on Dubai but none of them can truly prepare you for the experience that you are bound to have there.

Prior to my trip to Dubai, I did manage to read some of them and despite that, I didn’t find myself fully prepared for the Dubai experience.

For one, I never knew that Dubai was a golfing destination, one that is getting ready to host the $10 million Dubai world championship, sometime in the near future (written in 2008, Updated: 2012).

Some of the hotels here have even started to offer packages themed as ‘golf holidays in Dubai’, making it quite clear that the city is a big golfing holiday location.

Let me state for the record that I am not a golfer and would not have played golf in Dubai if it was not a part of my hotel package. As it was, I was offered the freebie choice between golf and alternative medicine therapy.

Since I am not a fan of the later, I decided on the safer course and opted for Golf. I had naturally assumed that one need not have much of a skill to ‘golf’ since all that is required was to swing the “club” and hit the ball every now and then.

I was informed by my caddie that Golf is not the same as cricket and that a ‘club’ is not a bat. On hearing that, I knew that my very first lesson was off to a flying start. Things could not go downhill from there on, at least which was what I had assumed, until I came to the various traps.

By the end of the day, I became determined to win at this game, one way or the other. That is how I became keenly interested in golfing and if it were not for Dubai and its numerous clubs, well, I am sure that I would be spending the time at the movies than heading out for the nearest club to improve my game (or to get one to begin with lol).

Dubai is a premier golfing destination today with interest in this sport on the increase amongst the many locals, so much that as a tourist I had quite a difficult time in booking a course (tee time). I guess golfing can really get to you. Just look at me, there were days when I did not even think twice of playing in the 100 degree heat. But now I look forward to golf holidays in Dubai!

Dubai started its tryst with this sport about a decade back with just two courses to play on. Today, it has more than 7 golf clubs with some of them featuring an 18-hole layout. Even Tiger Woods was appreciative of the Dubai golf clubs, which should tell you about the quality of some of these courses.

The Dubai sports city had just opened a 7,538-yard links-style course, to the public. This is great news, for it means that the tourists, like you and me, can now exercise their golfing talents during the weekend. Golf holidays in Dubai are not as uncommon today as they were just a few years ago.

Even Tiger Woods is getting into the scene from what I had heard; it seems that Woods is designing his own course in Dubai, which would be opened only to members. These days, leisure travel to Dubai has become more synonymous with golf than any other sport.

I still find it hard to believe there is green grass growing in the middle of the desert. These days, Dubai has taken on a new mantle as far as golfing is concerned. I do golf from time to time, and plan to try out some of the new golfing courses in Dubai in the near future.

If you are keenly interested in this particular sport, believe me, there is no better place that you could visit other than Dubai. You could probably try out one of those ‘golf holidays in Dubai’ packages for they come with added benefits such as access to some of the most exquisite golf courses, along with beginner courses.

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