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Hi, Kish here to speak on hotels in Abu Dhabi

Hotels are my forte and as we all know I am the travelling agent in the family.

So I hope you find this insightful, informational and educational.

The architecture in Abu Dhabi has increasing become modern (with new developments), with urban designed buildings, beautiful parks / gardens, nicely paved sidewalks and water fountains.

It will be a continuously developing project as it attracts more interest and exposure worldwide.

Currently it is the capital of UAE, so all Government activity takes place within.

Most highly ranked officials reside here, including major offices and foreign embassies and consulates.

And because it is a big underground oil reserve, most oil companies have established presence here as well as secondary businesses related to the oil industry.

Given all that is going on, it is only normal to expect big, bold and beautiful hotels, and rightfully so, Abu Dhabi has some of the best and most luxurious hotels and shopping malls available to residents and visitors.

As you can imagine, due to the nature of the industries and activities in Abu Dhabi, it attracts tens of thousands (and even more in the future) of tourists (both business and leisure travelers).

The Hilton Abu Dhabi

The Hilton Abu Dhabi

Sunil was actually quite surprised when we were looking into hotels in Abu Dhabi. He thought the best hotels in the Middle East had Dubai written all over them. WRONG! Whether you are looking for a standard hotel, a business hotel, boutique or discount hotel, budget hotel or the best luxury and high class hotel, you will find them all in Abu Dhabi.

We have personally never stayed in a hotel in Abu Dhabi, but we have considered it many times. Each time we have looked into it, four hotel names specifically have come up. If this changes (as I suspect it would), we will make sure to update you! Here are those four hotels:
  • Hilton Abu Dhabi
  • Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi
  • Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi Intercontinental Hotel
Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi

The Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi

And now some good news. Because we have such a popular website on Dubai City, we have many visitors who requested that we work a deal out with hotels so that they can get discounts when they travelled to Dubai. So we did back in 2007 and since then our visitors have enjoyed significant discounts booking with our hotel booking agent partner.

We have gone a step further and worked out deals for hotels in Abu Dhabi as well. So if you are looking to head out there and get good deals on hotel stays, consider booking through our partner!

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