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Hotels in Deira Dubai - Hotels with Best Deals and Affordable Rates

Sunil here to talk about hotels in Deira Dubai. You will love this if you are a budget traveler.

Deira Dubai is widely known as the busy, commercial hub in Dubai.

A lot of tourists go to this district for a lot of purposes such as leisure and business.

The Deira district is also famous for having hotels which are comfortable, nice, and pleasant, without the exorbitant luxury hotel rates.

Catering to the bulk portion of budget tourists visiting Dubai annually, the hotels that can be found in Deira Dubai all have simple accommodation and amenities with good eating and recreational choices.

Offering outstanding services at reasonable prices, the hotels are the preferred choices by most travelers looking for hotels in the Dubai area.

Situated all around the district, most of them in areas such as Al Maktoum Street and Al Rigga Street, affordable hotels in Deira Dubai are ideal spots for those that cannot afford the expenses of the five star hotels found in Dubai, but they still want to maximize their Dubai tour, and of course, find a comfortable and tranquil place to stay in.

Most of these hotels in Deira Dubai usually offer wide-ranging accommodation and facilities such as large guestrooms, telephones, cable television, attached baths, as well as a 24-hour room service. Most of these hotels have a multilingual staff, so you wouldn’t have any trouble communicating.

When it comes to food and dining options, the restaurants of the hotels in Deira Dubai are certainly among the best options in the city. Serving different international cuisines and as well as exotic food from Dubai, these hotels guarantee you the most unforgettable dining experience you will have in your lifetime. To me, that is questionable. Hotels are great, so is the food, but to say the MOST unforgettable? I don’t know about that.

On the down side, recreational amenities at hotels in Deira are few and very far in between. The hotels provide basic entertainment and recreational activities offered to guests are sightseeing tours to most of the tourist attractions found in the city, nightclubs, and private swimming pools. Some hotels have business centers, business-friendly rooms, and multipurpose halls for business travelers.

You can find a wide assortment of hotels in Deira, from two to five star hotels. Check out these few most visited hotels in Deira Dubai:

The Traders Hotel Dubai owned by the Shangri-La hotel chain is located in the Deira’s downtown district at the corner of Abu Baker, Ai Siddique, and Salah al Din Road. The rooms have contemporary designs and are made comfortable with all the latest amenities, and ideal for a special stay in Dubai. The Traders Hotel Dubai has elegant and stylish recreation facilities which include a sauna room and a small indoor swimming pool. It is one of the well-known four star hotels in Dubai, perfect for business and leisure travelers alike.

The Taj Palace Hotel Dubai can be found on the northern side of the Dubai Creek. It is five minutes away from the city and shopping areas. Make the most out of the modern business facilities and restaurants offering international cuisine that you can find in the hotel. Rooms are airy and spacious, pleasantly furnished with parquet flooring, carpets, paintings and superior amenities and services. Alcohol is not served or available in this hotel. This hotel is five star rated, and one of Deira’s finest.

The City Centre Hotel Residence Dubai is five minutes away from the Dubai airport, near the Deira City Centre Shopping Mall and entertainment complex, while the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club is just a short walk from the hotel.

The City Centre Hotel & Residence has well decorated rooms that are fitted with wide-ranging amenities. It is formerly known as the Sofitel City Centre Hotel & Residence.

You can have a pleasant stay at these hotels for only US $179.00 to US $411.00. There are no hidden charges, and already includes city tax and service charges. As always, book ahead of time to ensure you get the best deals possible.

Also, book your hotel with our trusted partners to get an additional discount on your stay. Kish and I have arranged this deal just for our readers.

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