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Hi, Sunil here to talk about HR jobs in Dubai...

You have heard about the Dubai economic boom and the mass movement of talented individuals toward the region.

You often hear about engineering, financial and healthcare jobs.

But how often do you hear that HR jobs are also significantly increasing in demand?

Dubai’s continuous demand for talented individuals from all around the world has created a massive need for HR jobs in Dubai.

Not only are headhunters cropping up everywhere but companies established in Dubai also need independent HR functions in order to develop a talented and well put together work force.

To recruit the best you must have the best. Dubai is quickly understanding this concept and that is why even the best HR talent is moving to Dubai or at least working for Dubai related companies from a remote location

So if you are someone with exceptional people skills and solid HR/recruiting experience, you really should consider looking into Dubai.

HR departments can be quite large. You can choose to work in the personnel department, recruitment or as a headhunter or independent recruiter. Actually many have started their own recruiting companies as a result of such massive demand.

Just go online and search for “jobs in Dubai”. This should give you an idea of how much demand really exists. Every company wants the best talent. And to get that talent and meet the demand for employment, a good HR function is necessary to recruit the brightest and the best.

Dubai Did It the Backward Way

Companies in Dubai went on a hiring spree to quickly grab the best talent available in the marketplace. They actually went about the wrong way in doing so. They hired position talent first and then thought about their HR function. They are now realizing the importance of it and that recruitment starts by first establishing a good human resources function.

Ask any professional and they will tell you that good companies are built on good HR functions that recruit good employees and therefore finding the good employees is the only way to ensure a company will keep succeeding and rise above its competition.

Where to Find HR Jobs in Dubai?

Just like any other job, you can search for HR positions in Dubai via the Internet, classifieds and better yet through credible employment agencies in Dubai. You will see both full time and part time positions.

In fact, there are currently (2008) many part time positions that you can apply for as a contractor. This is due to some companies quickly looking to build their employee base. These companies often hire contractors as their “temporary HR functions” until they reach an optimal headcount level.

These short term contracts are perfect for you if you are not looking to move to Dubai for a long term. You can simply take up such position, work a few months and head right back home. It will be good tax free money you can deposit straight into your bank account.

If you want something more permanent, definitely apply with established companies who already have HR departments or are in the process of building one. Read my discussion on Dubai Jobs for a comprehensive picture of employment in Dubai and how to get a job there.

Word of Caution

If you are someone looking for an HR job in Dubai and decide to work with a recruiting company, be very careful in choosing who you work with. Because of the enormous overnight demand in Dubai employment, many “recruiting firms” have formed overnight.

To appear better than the competition, many of these “smaller” companies often falsify job opportunities. They post them online so that it seems they have all the contacts with the best companies in Dubai.

This gives out a false illusion of the number of jobs truly available in Dubai. Honestly, Dubai is booming and that is no secret. However, the jobs in Dubai are just not as many as they were just few months ago. This will continue to level out.

Relatively speaking to the rest of the world however, Dubai is moving quite rapidly in terms of recruiting international talent. It is just not as much as it once was (say between 2006 and late 2007).

So just be careful in selecting a legitimate and well reputable recruiting firm to assure you are not wasting your time and have the best opportunity to land an HR job in Dubai.

The Dubai Job Secrets guide is definitely the best resource in ensuring your chances to secure one of the many HR jobs in Dubai are as good as they can get.

Also, the database below is the biggest and most current repository of jobs in Dubai and the entire Middle East based on your preferred industry.

This is how most of my friends have secured professional jobs in Dubai. Select "UAE" under Location for career opportunities in Dubai.

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