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The Hydropolis Hotel

World's First Luxury Underwater Hotel in Dubai

Hi, Sunil here to talk about the Hydropolis hotel in Dubai…

I am writing this discussion in mid 2008 while the Hydropolis is undergoing construction in Dubai.

This hotel is the world’s first luxury underwater hotel and one of the largest construction projects in the world with an area of 260 hectares.

This is the size of London’s Hyde Park to give you an idea of its magnitude.

There will be three main areas within the hotel, the land station, connecting tunnel and the hotel itself.

The Land Section

The land station is a welcoming station for all the guests and the tunnel is exactly what it sounds like. It will transport hotel guests by train to the main area of the hotel.

The hotel itself will have 220 suites. So imagine checking in on land and riding the train to find yourself in your suite underwater surrounded by Dubai’s marine life.

The land station will be a 120 meter semicircular cylinder shape structure that will arch over a high rise. The lowest level of this structure is where passengers will board the train to take them to the hotel area.

The train will be noiseless and will be operated by an automated cable along a steel constructed pathway to the hotel area. This train will also be used to transport goods and supplies to the hotel from the land area on an as needed basis.

That said, the land section is not just a visitor welcome section. There will be numerous facilities on the top story of the land station such as a cosmetic surgery clinic, a laboratory and conference facilities. The lower story will include storage space, loading docks and parking areas.

There will also be a restaurant and movie theater that will play the evolution of life in the ocean and the history of underwater architecture. And at the end of the show, the screen will lift up and visitors will be exposed to the real Hydropolis just a train ride away.

Remember the arch bridge? The water limousine? Ski Dubai? The Hydropolis is another step in Dubai’s direction toward futuristic construction projects. "Hydropolis is not a project; it's a passion," a statement made by Joachim Hauser, the developer and designer of the hotel.

Project Details

The hotel will stand 20 meters below the Arabian Gulf’s surface and will cost approximately 300 millions GBP (Pounds) once completed. The hotel was originally scheduled to be completed at the end of 2007 but still has not been finished as I write this discussion in mid 2008. I will continue to keep you updated on its progress.

There are around 150 firms involved in this project, thanks to Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is personally responsible for the vision behind the Hydropolis. In fact, the hotel is being built on one of his last free beach area properties.

the Hydropolis hotel in Dubai

There have been many critics of this project and many who have said it won’t work. But again that is what they said about the man made Dubai palm islands, which are up and standing pretty. If there is anyone who can turn such doubt into assurance, it is Dubai. Look for bigger and better projects in the future. Dubai s just getting started my friend.

Project Design

What is interesting with the design of the Hydropolis is that it doesn’t come from iterations of computer aided design. Rather, it was straight out of the developer’s thoughts and philosophies. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

The developer Joachim Hauser has a passion for water. "Once you start digging deeper and deeper into the subject, you can’t help being fascinated and you start caring about all the associated issues," he stated. "Humans consist of 80% water, the earth consists of 80% water; without water there is no life."

So to mimic the philosophical relation of water and man, Hauser designed the underwater hotel to display the human organism. The hotel is designed as a figure eight surrounded by a bigger circle so that the curves in the eight form spaces when it touches the circle.

The spaces will contain restaurants, bars, and other areas of the hotel. According to Hauser, these can be compared to the functions of the human body such as the nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

The ballroom will be located in the “nervous system” area and will connect to other various sections of the hotel. There will also be a retracting roof here so that open sky events can be held. The framework, the number eight and the circle, represent the interconnection between all the systems and therefore representing a living org

A 10 minute in depth look at the Dubai Hydropolis hotel

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