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*** 3 Stars - Dubai, The Vulnerability of Success

Hi, Sunil here to review an excellent book of information on Dubai - “Dubai The Vulnerability of Success”

This book is by Christopher Davidson who does a very good job at providing an objective perspective on Dubai, much like what this site is all about!

In his research, Dr. Davidson points out the core issues facing Dubai and its rapid development.

There is a lot of research that was put in behind this book.

You can tell when you read the mind blowing facts Dr. Davidson discusses.

Dr. Davidson goes into detail on the royal family of Dubai and their history. I took away a lot from this discussion, especially realizing why Dubai is the way it is. It has a lot to do with its history.

One might argue that Dubai has lost its cultural roots because of the heavy immigrant population. But by the same token one can also say that it has established its own unique cultural identity.

Dubai - The Vulnerability of Success

Whatever the case is, the history of Dubai has a lot to do with why it is what it is today. I have read a lot of books on Dubai but this book is the first written piece that talks about this and I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

His attitude toward Dubai appears neutral though at many points I thought he had many disagreements with the direction the place had headed and where it is going. I feel a lot like Dr. Davidson personally and maybe that’s why I liked this book so much.

This book is not a hard read at 8 chapters that are organized quite logically. Chapter one starts out with the history of Dubai and chapter 8 finishes with where Dubai stands currently and the threats it faces in its road to continued success.

There is no bias at all in this book and it is very well written. The language is easy to read and the message is quite clear. I recommend this “3 star” book for an objective and eye opening perspective on Dubai.

Read more about the the vulnerability of success here

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