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Sunil here to answer the question is there Internet in Dubai?

Well well, by the time you read this we might be sitting in the modern age where it is just hard to believe that there is any corner left in the world where there is no Internet.

I wrote this discussion as a response to an overwhelming and surprising question Kish and I receive over email from “to be” travelers to Dubai.

So instead on individually responding I decided to write it up and post it to our website.

So the answer is . . . YES! Of course. Kish grew up with Internet in Dubai.

It is probably one of her favorite things to do, being on the Internet lol.

She will kill me if she sees this in print online.

Dubai has a solid Internet infrastructure, both land networks through fiber optics as well as wireless technology.

As of 2008, Etisalat, a government owned company, was the sole provider of Internet services (yes a Monopolu).

The Dubai Airport is wireless and it is free to use. Most buildings in Dubai are equipped with Internet as well. In fact there is an entire Dubai Internet City (that should sum it up). When I was in Dubai in 2008, I even heard rumors that the government was contemplating putting the entire Dubai City on wireless Internet (FUN FACT: Oakland county in Michigan, United States was one of the very first places to do this ever).

Few things I hate (at least as of back in 2008): Since the Internet service in Dubai is essentially a monopoly, they (the Government) do as they desire. They ban certain anti Dubai sites. I remember trying to get on YouTube and I couldn’t. They would ban anything they did not like. When VOIP (voice over IP, cheap phone service that runs through an Internet connection) like Vonage came out, the Government banned its use as well.

You know why? Because the phone service provided is also Etisalat, the same company that provides Internet. Hmm, makes sense now doesn’t it. They want you to pay up your money to Etisalat to fill up the Government coffers. I will stop here or I am afraid they will wipe out my website in Dubai as well!

I never have problems getting internet in Dubai. I always take my laptop and usually find a wireless connection somewhere (someone always leaves it unsecured). It is very rare that I have struggled to find good connection. When I do I simply go to a coffee house and they are sure to have it. So getting Internet in Dubai should not be an issue for you at all.

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