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Why Does Everyone Want One?

Why Is Everyone Looking for a Job in Dubai?

Because they make more, pay no taxes and enjoy the best of the best.

Yes, that is right my friend (Sunil here by the way..).

Professionals in Dubai enjoy the unrivalled quality of life.

The City has to offer to them in return for their services.

The facilities offered in Dubai are the best in the world.

This is reason that Dubai is currently the fastest growing population in the world.

Dubai is currently home to a blend of young and energetic professionals from all corners of the world. Each person is contributing to the development and further progress of Dubai. How you may ask if employees don’t pay taxes?

Taxes are not the only way a citizen contributes to his or her government. By providing a good work ethic and top notch intelligence (human capital), the young professionals in Dubai are helping pave the way forward in technology, innovation, real estate, financial services and various other industries.

After long hours and an occasional rough day at work, these very same professionals indulge in what Dubai has to offer, from shopping, sports, nightlife, tours, recreational facilities, outdoor activities, excursions, water sports and many other activities. This pumps money right back into the economy.

You can afford to do this in Dubai almost every night if you choose to. Many do in fact. Remember that you don’t pay taxes in Dubai, or the UAE all together. This means you always have additional discretionary cash in your pocket to afford the amenities and luxuries the Dubai lifestyle has to offer.

How Much Can You Save Working a Job in Dubai?

Take a simple example. If I am making a salary of $115,000 in the United States, I am being taxed at an “effective rate” of approximately 40%. That means I only take home $69,000. If I made the same amount in Dubai, I am taking home all $115,000.

That is $46,000 extra every year in my pocket! That is almost $4,000 extra per month and $1,000 extra per week. What can you do with just $1,000 extra every week??? Heck, what can you not do ! ? !

This is assuming you make the same amount in Dubai. But chances are you will make a 20-25% premium on average for moving out there for a job. That will put someone like me making $115,000 in the $140,000 range.

Not only that, you can often negotiate longer vacations (4 weeks or more), a ticket or two back home every year, free gasoline from your employer as well as housing (rent) subsidies to cope with high rents in Dubai.

And along with your attractive salary package and a great career in Dubai, you will experience a great working environment with state of the art, futuristically prepared, spacious and comfortable office spaces, an abundance of dinning opportunities and an exceptional transportation (your personal vehicle) to move across the city.

Where else in the world can you get all this? So back to my point, these professionals are responsible for Dubai’s industrial and financial growth and will continue to be. That is the biggest reason why Dubai based employers go out of their way to recruit top quality talent.

Your working hours and timings will vary depending on the industry that you are in. Normally, salaries are disbursed on a 13-month cycle. It is not common to receive bonuses in Dubai at the end of the year.

Rather, you become eligible for a bonus if and when you resign from an employer after at least 12 months of employment. The bonus is usually a percentage of your latest base salary.

You can search for a job in Dubai on the Internet. Bayt is an excellent database that can help you in this regard. Most industries in Dubai have a dire need for quality talent, especially one that has experienced the western way of doing business.

However, you can demand the best bang for your services if you are in the financial services sector. Dubai needs more financial service professionals than any other kind.

I strongly recommend picking up the Dubai Job Secrets guide. It is by far the best resource out there to train you to secure a job in Dubai.

There are more than enough jobs opportunities in Dubai and you could land yourself one of them. You just have to make up your mind and ask yourself if this is what you really want to do.

If the answer is yes, and if you consider yourself to be an energetic, motivated and driven professional, there may not be a better place for you to work other than Dubai.

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