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Job Opportunities In Abu Dhabi For Qualified Individuals

Sunil here to discuss job opportunities in Abu Dhabi

Many different industries in the UAE are hiring people from all over the world to become part of its work force.

Different job opportunities in Abu Dhabi has increased over the years due to the expansion of the city and the many different businesses flocking to the city and its neighboring Emirates.

For these reason the city can provide many options and possibilities of being able to apply for a job in Abu Dhabi.

You may be wondering if there is a job for you in this expanding city.

With the businesses and much of the city’s infrastructure on the way up there is no doubt that job opportunities have and will continue to increase.

So what kind of industries are hiring and what positions they want filled you may ask?

Essentially all industries really.

Many of the jobs that are offered are contractual so there are always folks leaving at the end of the contract term, leading to job vacancies that need to be filled. For this reason recruitment agencies continue to scour the globe to find people willing to work in Abu Dhabi for a good tax free package.

There are positions and jobs to be filled in industries like construction and engineering since the city is continuously growing and more and more buildings are being built. Even nearby places like Dubai have a lot of construction going on, although things significantly slowed down during the 2008-2009 global economic crisis. You may work in Dubai but some would prefer to live in Abu Dhabi since there is far less pollution from construction. Rents are also cheaper.

If you are not familiar with any reliable recruitment agencies, you can always go through the internet and look for a job in Abu Dhabi. You will quickly see how much demand there is for good talent for all kinds of career positions or jobs. They need sales people, clerical jobs, engineers, chefs, management positions, finance geeks like me, you name it, and the need is so diverse that companies are willing to hire talented individuals who are not even experienced in that specific field.

Many times, as long as you meet the job requirements that accompany your position, you will get the job (providing all else is good on your resume). So even if you did not specialize in a certain field of study or profession, you may still have a chance of being hired in another position that is close to or somewhat similar your line of expertise.

As far as salary is concerned, it is often difficult to talk about a specific range of pay that companies give. Salaries are often dictated by how much a person is actually willing to receive for a specific job position. There are cases where the pay is low and no one would accept the job so the companies are forced to give higher pay or better benefits to compensate.

It is good to check your options and scout for jobs that pay more. There is a trend though that the more specialized the work is the more pay you get. What about you? Are you contemplating job opportunities in Abu Dhabi? If so, I highly recommend the Abu Dhabi jobs guide. This book contains practical and straight-forward advice, and is immediately applicable to your search.

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