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Many individuals like you are looking for different job vacancies in Abu Dhabi in different sectors. There are job vacancies in almost all industries but the problem is that there are a ton of individuals gunning for those same positions and that is where tough competition begins.

Often it all boils down to your qualifications, credentials and the amount of pay you are willing to receive for the job.

Now of course there are exceptions, however this discussion is meant to be a general overview that applies in most, but not all, situations.

First things first.

Where can you look for job vacancies in Abu Dhabi?

There are a few answers to that. Start online or find a recruitment agency near you that can help you with the different job opportunities that are available in the city of Abu Dhabi.

You will be surprise to find that there are a lot of job postings and too much demand for construction and sales personnel (even in recessionary times).

Even if you do not have the specific background for certain jobs there is still the possibility of you working there in a different job position. There are a lot of cases where even if you are an undergraduate but you have the communications skills and talent, you can be hired as a sales individual in malls or other stores. It is just a question of whether or not you are willing to accept the pay offer.

Other job offers in Abu Dhabi are skill specific such as job openings in banks and in engineering or jobs in specialized technical fields. For these jobs employers require you to have the necessary skill set to get hired in these position. The benefits of working abroad is that the pay is usually higher than entry level jobs. Plus in Abu Dhabi, you do not pay income taxes. You keep every penny of what you earn. Cha-ching indeed.

What I suggest is to look for a placement agency that is well known for putting the right people at the right job vacancies so that you get the most out of your skill and experience to land the desired salary that you want. These recruitment and placement agencies can be listed online or in your local chamber of commerce. Government listings of licensed agencies are more secure. Often however it is quite difficult to get this list from the government. You are on your own to do due diligence on the legitimacy of the agency you are working with.

If you do not want to go through an agency and want o apply directly to certain companies and institutions you can do that as well by visiting their website. They often have sections for job opportunities within their company website, where you can find details on the requirements that are needed to apply for posting.

Some companies hire outside human resource companies and do not hire directly. The company will most likely defer your application to an external hiring firm if this applies. There are many job vacancies in Abu Dhabi and will always be. This means you can be sure to find more jobs in the future that are waiting to be filled by the right talent and qualifications.

While all that sounds good, it is very easy to get lost in the shuffle. I highly recommend the Abu Dhabi jobs guide, a comprehensive and practical guide to landing the Abu Dhabi job that you want. It explains the process in a step by step manner, making your life very easy. All you have to do is execute what it says. Good luck to you and I hope you land one of the hottest job vancancies in Abu Dhabi!

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