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Hi, Sunil here to discuss jobs in Abu Dhabi

If you have read my section on Dubai jobs you already know how passionate I am about this subject matter.

I am simply fascinated by how things work in the Middle East.

I mean when does the type of passport you hold determine your salary? lol – we are in the 21st century aren’t we?

Anyhow, jobs in Abu Dhabi are excellent, high paying and come with tremendous perks for someone qualified (Western experience helps a ton).

The Government has projected steady and steep growth through 2012 and beyond as Abu Dhabi develops the various economic plans currently in planning.

Aside from oil, engineering and construction jobs (which are the leading jobs in Abu Dhabhi right now), the job needs will expand into various sectors like finance, real estate, hospitality, medicine, information technology and more.

As the Emirate develops, its economy will expand and there will be a dire need for qualified jobs (both white and blue collar).

To meet the forecasted demands in job growth, the Government announced their plan to launch "Jobs Abu Dhabi", a virtual job market (announced sometime back in 2008 I believe).

This project is the Government’s way of showing full commitment to developing the economic environment and job market in Abu Dhabi.

They know that recruiting agents can only recruit to a certain extent. They are working on making it feasible for anyone to remotely search for jobs and land a placement in the area of their expertise. This initiative is headed by Abu Dhabi’s President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan along with General Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

See here is where I object. I don’t mind experimenting, but many feel as if this is the end for recruiting firms or a barrier to entry so they cannot operate in Abu Dhabi. I disagree with this. Recruiting/hiring is such that you need the personal, human interaction. A good recruiter is also a coach in many ways. If you have had one before you know what I am talking about.

In either case, however or whatever your approach is, you will need to present yourself to be exceptionally better than your competition. You need to understand why the job market in Abu Dhabi is unique and what it takes to land the job you want. What are the companies, the employers looking for after all and how to design you application (resume and CV) to be exactly what they are looking for.

Abu Dhabi Job Guide
In my experiences researching as well as talking to a few individuals I know that are working in Abu Dhabi, it seems like the hiring practices are no different than they are in Dubai.

The only difference is that Abu Dhabi has more of a demand (believe it or not) as it is a growing economy. Think about a growing child needing more food and naps.

I strongly recommend the Abu Dhabi Job Guide that contains direct, practical and effective information that will help you with jobs in Abu Dhabi. It is the only guide of its kind and has become very popular in a very short time.

Good luck to you and please let me know of the outcome!

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