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Jumeirah Beach Dubai - One of Dubai's Sparkling Jewels

Sunil here to talk about the Jumeirah beach Dubai

There is no doubt that spending some of your leisure time through a vacation is a good way to relieve stress. Kish and I certainly do.

In the event you choose to consider Dubai as your getaway, make sure you visit the Jumeirah beach.

Dubai is a lovely and pretty place to visit, and it mixes sophisticated and innumerable cultures while preserving their native traditions.

They can present you lots of attractions, from city centers, a 7 star hotel, and beautiful beaches.

Tourism in Dubai is huge partly because of Dubai beaches.

These beaches are world class as they offer white sandy shorelines and crystal clear waters. So, if you are a beach lover, for sure you will enjoy and love visiting Dubai beaches.

Situated about a 25 minutes drive from the Dubai city center, you can find a long stretch of beach on the Arabian Gulf flank by private clubs and famous hotels like Burj Al Arab 7 Star Hotel and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Jumeirah is the most famous and popular beach in Dubai. The Jumeirah beach Dubai stretches a few kilometers long, and it is a must-see attraction when you visit Dubai.

As you walk on this Dubai beach, you can feel the softness of the white sand and the sparkling blue water which looks like jewels from afar. The Arabian Sea entices you with its shallow, warm and turquoise water. The beachside is not very crowded, however, during mild and pleasant winter months, many people, local and foreign, enjoy this exquisite beach. You will find many Russians as well as European tourists that visit this beach all year long.

If you visit the beach with your kids, don’t worry too much about the safety of your children. There are on duty life savers all throughout the day. I assure you that your kids are very safe here because the water is very shallow and there are no harmful sea creatures around.

Along the coast, you have family picnic spots, eateries, play grounds, areas for barbeque, skiing, and surfing. You will find that all these make the beach more sought after. You can take your time and choose the best spot (away from the crowd if you want) in the beach because there is a road parallel to the beach.

If you’re a beginner in the field or surfing, try surfing at the Jumeirah Beach Dubai. Surfing at Dubai beaches is one of the main attractions. There are tons of small waves in the water at the beaches, which is good news to newbies. Waves can rise up to eight feet high, which is good for beginners in surfing, although not quite challenging for the pros. Just high enough.

If you plan to visit the beach on weekends, let’s say on Thursdays and Fridays, you should not be surprised to see the crowd of overwhelming beachgoers. Parking your car may become your worst problem. Yes it does get pretty crowded here. Thursdays and Fridays in Dubai are equivalent to Saturdays and Sundays in the USA respectively.

Instead of taking your own vehicle to the beach, you may want to consider taking a taxi ride to drop you off by the seaside or coastal area. By doing this, you will avoid a big parking hassle. Another thing is that, if you’re planning to visit this beach, plan ahead and never do it in the months of June and August, unless you want to become a grilled delicacy. These two months are the hottest times you can be in Dubai. Water temperatures can reach above 40°C during then.

Since the Jumeirah beach is long, certain beach entrances require an entrance fee while others are free for all. For example, the Jumeirah Beach Park Two has a Dh 5 entrance fee. The good thing is that you are entitled to walk through a beautiful green park to get to a palm-lined beach with crystal clear water.

So when you tour Dubai, pack up your swimsuit and sunscreen and go take a dip into the crystal clear water of the Jumeirah Beach Dubai. I recommend every tourist to visit at least once. Hope you have a good time.

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