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The Le Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi


The Le Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi, a place of respite during an overseas trip which delivers the home away from home comfort and entices travellers all over the world with top notch accommodations and a picturesque view of the city and the Arabian Gulf.

Located near the commercial and business district, the hotel is surrounded by the best shopping malls such as the Marina Mall & Al Muhairy Center, entertainment and leisure centres, business conventions and complexes ideal for any type of traveller.

The hotel is surrounded by the city’s skyscrapers and a lush garden that balances out the hustle and bustle of the city giving its guests a relaxing view and a vacation to remember.

Out of the many hotels in the city, Le Meridien Hotel has an elegant design infused with ancient culture giving it a more laidback feel.

Le Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world yet they maintain to offer their guests the comforts of being home with its stylish yet and laid back design.

Offering 234 of the most beautiful rooms and suites, the guest can also choose between a view of the either the city or the Arabian Gulf and take walk the lush gardens of the Meridien Village.

Le Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi

The hotel offers great discount rates right now. For guests who want to in for 2 nights will get a 20% discount while guests staying for 3 days will get the privilege of a 30% discount. All the rooms at the hotel have a 32” flat panel television with satellite channels and a DVD player, bathroom and shower, IDD telephones and voicemail, and air-conditioning.

Outside of the hotel, its famous Meridien Village is surrounded by top notch fine dining restaurants that offer only the best cuisines from different cultures such as French, Thai, Italian, American and English.

There are 13 dining venues on-site offering guests a wide variety and selection of cuisines. For French cuisine you can visit Le Bistro or Talay for Thai dishes. For snacks, Oasis restaurant offers great snacks outdoor while you enjoy your stay beside the pool. No need to head far because all the things you need are in one place.

The hotel also offers guests various facilities such as the Eden Spa with massage and relaxation. Beside the homey feel of the hotel, Le Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi is known and recognized for its Meridien Village with lush garden landscapes and a beautiful private beach and pool with a seaside view.

The hotel also makes sure they offer the best facilities for their guests. Boardrooms, meetings, workshops and other activities for business guests are available and offered at the hotel. For outdoor functions, guests may also settle for a poolside event while the hotel assists you every step of the way providing the best facilities for any outdoor event.

The guest services include laundry service, luggage storage, barber shop and beauty salon. Besides the private beach, the hotel also has an outdoor training swimming pool. For other activities and travellers who want to stay active, guests can avail of a sauna, health gym/fitness center, golf course and equestrian club.


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