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Hiring the right life coach in Dubai can be extremely challenging because the industry is saturated with everyone and their cat who woke up one morning and decided to get into life coaching.

Life coaching is a big craze that started in the West (USA), and has slowly spread across the globe like a plague.

This has diluted the market, and has made it difficult to separate the good ones from the bad.

The fact is, whether in the West or elsewhere, self proclaimed life coaches mostly do not have the experience needed to do what they do.

When looking for life coaches, you want to make sure you engage a life coach in Dubai who is both qualified and credible.

Life and business coaching is not a game that most have made it to be. We exclusively work with a highly reputable life coach in Dubai, Christine Orth. Christine is an entrepreneur and a life coach, who owns and operates Global Office FZ-LLC in Dubai.

In addition to a plethora of expertise in business set up and consulting in Dubai, Christine and her firm provide first hand life coaching in Dubai. So if you are looking for a reputable Dubai life coach, there is no need to look further. Contact Christine immediately using the form below and engage her as your life coach in Dubai.

Below are just a handful of services Christine offers:


Interested in Living and Working in Dubai / Abu Dhabi / UAE?

Get practical and first hand reasonably priced expert advice on how to set up your business in a tax free Dubai or Northern Emirates Free Zone, how to form an offshore company or how to set up a company with a local UAE sponsor, how to find a job, cost of living in UAE, etc.

Christine and her team will guide you through the various questions you may have regarding setting up a life in the UAE.

They have acquired an extensive business background from Western, Asian and Arab markets, are highly competent and professional and provide innovative client support services in all areas of business incorporation, relocation to Dubai/UAE, visa information and related business advisory services.

They have been operating on the UAE market since 2003 and provide you with unbiased information that you do not find on the web.

How it works:

You can buy personal credit time for online Consulting Sessions that will be conducted via Skype (download the software from and make free phone calls within the Skype User Community).

Credit Time can be bought by sending funds to our PayPal account via credit card (PayPal is free to join). Depending on the credit time amount you bought you can then set up an online session with our Dubai Consultants.

Once payment is made you can contact us using the form below requesting a time slot from the time slots below. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours after payment to schedule appointments.

Available timings for online Consulting (UAE time = UTC/GMT + 4 hrs)

Saturdays: 11.00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sundays: 10. a.m. - 5 p.m.

Thursdays: 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Depending on your geographic location, we also offer individual appointment scheduling for other dates and timings.

Fee Schedule for Online-Phone-based-Consulting (based on pre-payment)

USD $25 = 15 minutes

USD $45 = 30 minutes

USD $65 = 45 minutes

USD $90 = 60 minutes

Payments are accepted through Credit Card (PayPal), UAE Bank Check, Wire Transfer.

Chose your area of interest from the following service offerings blocks – for more details see below: (Note: If you wish to go through the entire question blocks as outlined below, please allow for a minimum of 1 hour of consultation per block).

Once payment is made, please contact us, providing information on what topic you wish to discuss, your email address, phone no. including country/area code and your Skype name for contacting you.

1) Business Set up / Company Formation / Opening a Corporate Bank Account

2) Job Training for Dubai / UAE

3) Relocation to UAE

4) Obtaining a Visa for UAE

5) Real Estate Consultation

6) Individual consultation based on your personal questionnaire (pls. email topics upfront)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

1) Business Set up / Company Formation / Opening a Corporate Bank Account

  • Overview of active UAE Free Zones & Cost Structures

  • What is an E-Office / Virtual Office set up / Restrictions?

  • Set up Costs: Dubai vs. Northern Emirates Free Zones

  • Free Zone vs. LLC/Sponsor set up (ownership rights)

  • What are the restrictions of Free Zone operations?

  • Which is the most suitable free zone for my business?

  • What are the procedures of getting registered from A-Z?

  • What is FZE, FZCO, FZ-LLC, Branch set up?

  • Which Free Zones issue Freelance Licenses and what are the restrictions?

  • What are the documents needed to get registered (legalisation)?

  • How to set up a corporate / personal bank account?

  • How to obtain residence visa and sponsor family members?

  • Dealing with changes of laws, regulations, prices

  • Renting an office, warehouse - standard / min. sizes, availabilities

  • Doing business with the local Arabs

  • Answering individual questions
Bonus: If you sign up for 1 hour consulting session, you get our "Cost-effective E-Office Business Set up" E-book Guide for FREE. You can see the details of the ebook here

2) Job Training for Dubai / UAE

  • Secrets and practical tips on how to find a job in Dubai / Abu Dhabi

  • How to structure a CV for maximum results?

  • Where to look for opportunities?

  • How to approach and address HR departments of potential employers?

  • What not to do when looking for a job in UAE!

  • How much can I earn in my chosen field / profession?

  • How has the global crisis impacted the UAE job market?

  • What are the challenges working in a multi-cultural work environment?

  • Information on finding appropriate accommodation (furnished / unfurnished, prices, areas)
Bonus: If you sign up for a 1 hour consulting session, you will get our 'Salary Overview UAE' and 'List of Recruiting Agencies' for FREE.

These documents are filled with practical information about the job market specifics of the UAE that will help you land your ideal job.

Important note: We do not operate as a recruiting agency in Dubai. We only provide relevant information and job training on the UAE job market and its particular terms and conditions to prepare you in the best possible way and equip you with competitive information, insider tips and knowledge that is not widely publicized on the internet.

3) Relocation to UAE

  • Overview rental market - (renting vs buying, lease contracts, landlords, issues to be considered)

  • Information on current status of property market (prices, property registration)

  • Economic framework

  • Culture & traditions, dress code, safety & security

  • Dealing with government officials

  • Setting up a corporate / individual bank account

  • Cost of living (shopping, schools)

  • Employing service staff for private accommodations (maid, driver, gardener)

  • Buying a car, traffic situation, car insurance

  • Information on Health Insurance

  • Social and business networks to join

  • Setting up telephone, internet, water, electricity

  • Where to shop - Mega Malls - supermarkets - souks
Bonus: If you sign up for a 1 hour consulting session, you will get our 'Cost of Living' overview for FREE!

4) Obtaining a Visa for UAE

  • How to get a visit visa?

  • How to get a residence visa?

  • How to get an employment visa?

  • How to get a mission visa (6 months employment visa)?

  • Visa from Free Zone (fees & procedure)

  • Visa from Sponsor (fees & procedure)

  • Visa from a Developer (in case you have bought a freehold property in Dubai)

  • Fees & Procedures

  • What is a visa ban? What is a visa run?

  • What is the minimum salary to sponsor a family?

  • What nationalities can enter UAE without applying for visit visa from home county?

  • Housemaid visa rules & fees

  • How to get the E-Gate Card?
Disclaimer: Our consultants do not provide legal advice. However, if you need to engage the services of a law firm, we can assist you in finding the right one for your issue.

Bonus: If you sign up for a 1 hour consulting session, you will get our 'Employment & Salary Trends in the Gulf' study for FREE!

5) Real Estate Consultation

  • Market and price overview

  • Which areas are considered A, B, C locations for investment

  • Procedure for buying

  • Real Estate scams and things to avoid when buying a property

  • Quality issues

  • Contract pitfalls

  • Registration with Lands Department

  • Legal implications when buying a property in UAE

  • Developer residence visa

  • Hidden costs that real estate agents don’t tell you about

  • Ownership rights for land

  • Leasehold vs. freehold

  • How to check 'trustworthiness' of real estate agents / developers

  • Risks with buying off plan
Note: We provide independent, actual, unbiased advice on the real estate market. We are not a real estate agency and we do not promote any single developer’s or agent’s projects.

Bonus: If you sign up for a 1 hour consulting session, you will get our 'Sample Calculation Renting vs. Buying' spreadsheet for FREE!


Please only submit inquiries if you are ready to start coaching services. All other entries will be permanently banned.

NOTE:The phone system in the UAE is a bit unstable. If you are outside the UAE, you MIGHT have to call Christine IF VOIP does not work (sometimes it does, sometimes it does not) in Dubai. Christine will call you if you are in the UAE.

I highly recommend you read about the best calling card to Dubai if you want the best option to make your calls.

Download a free copy of the Self Enrichment / Self Actualization Guide here. It is Christine's free gift to whether or not you decide to get personal coaching.

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