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A Solar Powered Sea Limousine in Dubai

How about a solar powered sea limousine in Dubai?

This is Sunil by the way.

I mean why not?

They are building everything else so why not a satellite based solar powered vehicle that transports passengers under water on remote control technology without a human driver?

Don’t think it’s possible?

Only in Dubai is the impossible made possible. A new idea which was being bounced around in the summer of 2008 was a solar underwater vehicle that moves forward with hovercraft. Completely remote and based on a satellite navigation system, there will be no human driver needed to chauffer the passenger.

Why is this vehicle necessary? Because of the Dubai World. The World is a man made island just like the Dubai Palm Islands made of 300 small islands that resemble the world map. It is located on the water, 2.5 miles from the coast of Dubai.

The sea limousine will meet the demands of the “World’s society” on making available necessary transportation from one island to another and to the mainland. The idea was developed and designed by Dennis Ingemansson and is completely futuristic looking as if it was straight from a modern day sci-fi movie (or old time star trek I guess).

Here is what it would look like (just a rough draft of the sketch)

Dubai Sea Limousine

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