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List of Nightclubs in Dubai

Hi, Sunil here with a list of nightclubs in Dubai that Kish and I have enjoyed over the years.

As you read this, keep in mind that the nightclub, bar and lounge business is such that some of these might not be open any longer.

But the good thing is, another new club usually opens right back up in the same spot.

It is no secret to you that Dubai nightlife is one of the best around the world.

There are plenty of hot bars in Dubai to go to as well as lounges in addition to the popular nightclubs in Dubai.

As you can imagine, diversity is not an issue.

Most bars and nightclubs in Dubai are located inside hotels because of liquor license regulations.

There are some bars that are stand alone venues.

Our list includes both kinds.

Nightclubs in Dubai are usually open till 3am.

You must be 21 to drink. However, some bars will not let you enter unless you are at least 25 years old.

The rules are more lenient for women as you can imagine. As a personal tip, never show up at a nightclub line in Dubai with all men. You want to have some women in your group to increase the likelihood of you getting in and facing less scrutiny from the “big door guy”.

Also keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive by any means. It is simply a list of nightclubs in Dubai that are OUR most favorite and that we want to recommend to you. If not on this list, we either do not like them or have simply not been to them (yet).

This list is a “living document”. Kish and I will be updating it as we continue to experience the Dubai nightlife more and more.

The Atlantis

I can only wished that I was there for the opening night. Everyone and their little dog was there that night. You can actually see a video of the inauguration on YouTube.

Like most clubs in Cancun, Mexico, this club features live performances, often of dancing girls. It is located next to the Hard Rock Café Dubai. Ladies night is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Alamo Dubai

One of my favorite restaurants come bars in Dubai. This place is at the Dubai Marine beach resort and spa area and is a Mexican restaurant in the early evening hours.

It turns into a big social gathering the later it gets. It is one of the best bars in Dubai that I have experienced. Expect music as well if you plan on dancing.

Boudoir Nightclub

So my first time at Boudoir was with 4 other guys. Not a good idea. We waited half hour and did not get in. What were we expecting anyway? We ended up at the Buddha Bar instead.

This place is known as a very popular Persian club in Dubai which attracts some of the best looking Lebanese / Arabic crowd. It is located at the Dubai Marine beach resort and spa like the Alamo.

Buddha Bar

This one is not too far from Boudoir and is located at the Grosvenor House in west marina beach Dubai. You won’t miss the larger than life golden Buddha statue dead middle of the lounge. Yes, I consider this more of a sit back and relax lounge.


This popular nightclub in an icon in Dubai. It is at the Jumeirah Beach Road and is one of Dubai’s biggest nightclubs. The crowd is trendy, the venue is large (three floors) and the drinks are awesome.

If you are new to Dubai, make it a point to go all the way atop the roof top where you will enjoy an amazing view of Dubai City. It is not uncommon to spot some of the biggest names in the DJ industry at this nightclub.


This Moroccan club is located inside the Royal Mirage hotel in Dubai and is three levels big with a terrace area that overlooks the dance floor right below it.

This club has a neat concept. Pay the cover (usually 50 Dirhams) and get a free drink with it. My favorite spot inside the club is on the top floor where they have sofa beds and cushions that are very comfortable.

Apartment Lounge

My buddy had rented this out once for a pre wedding party. I loved the venue as it is inside the Jumeirah Beach Hotel right next to the Burj al Arab. Fridays are the busiest and best nights to go here.

Barasti Bar

This is an iconic bar in Dubai. It has been around a while and is located inside the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi beach resort. Even on a bad day, you will truly enjoy your time here as you can sit right by the water and sip on your cocktail. There is inside seating available as well so you can pick your pleasure.


This is a similar concept to the Alamo. It is a restaurant come bar during the later hours. I love the food here. It is located in the Pyramid complex in Wafi city. They also play good music in my opinion.


Also in Wafi City is Ginseng. This bar is located inside the Wafi mall in Bur Dubai and is often a favorite pick for pre partying. It is not the craziest place by any means, so if you are looking for a laid back relaxed atmosphere, this is your place.


This is a very popular location for pool parties. It is located inside the Shanfri La hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. As you can imagine, the parties are held in the pool area (4th floor) which is tinted with neon pink lights that will make anything white-ish glow. So keep smiling :-)


Ha, one of my favorites because it is a sports bar. In the USA, I go to Champs a lot. That is, Champs Americana. I bet this one was derived from it. This sports bar is located inside the JW Marriott hotel. TVs will surround you everywhere.


Another sports bard in Dubai. This one is located on the Deira side inside the Hilton Dubai creek hotel. It is an upscale sports bar that serves martinis and houses leather couches for you to enjoy your favorite sporting event.

Chi Nightclub

I first saw Chi in Los Angeles. I cam to find out that night that Justin Timberlake owned it. I later saw him inside the club. This nightclub in Dubai is located at the Al Nasr Leisureland near the American Hospital of Dubai. It expands into a nice outdoor area facing a garden.

Inside, there are four large rooms, one VIP room and all kinds of funky music that includes house and hip hop as well. So as you can imagine, all the “youngins” flock here to strut their stuff.


This is the favorite expat hang out bar, restaurant and nightclub. Every young corporate Dubai professional ends up here after work for a drink or tow. It is located at the Emirates Towers Hotel.

During later hours, this bar turns into a nightclub (at least the top floor). Food is served in the restaurant area throughout. Kish and I have never dined in however.

Jimmy Dix

Jimmy Dix (or Dicks) is a hybrid bar and nightclub in Dubai. It is located inside the Movenpick Hotel in the Bur Dubai area. This place is known for the craziest and wackiest parties. Because of that, it attracts the party animals on Dubai. It is where you go if you are looking for rock and roll music as well.


At the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, is an Arabic style nightclub with mainly an Arabic crowd, which makes for a very enjoyable evening. They play a mixture of the latest International hits and Arabic popular dance music. It does not get busy until around 11:30/12:00 and is definitely worth a visit when you are in Dubai.


This is one of Dubai’s oldest nightclubs and is located inside the Grand Hyatt. They play a lot of Arabic music and draw in a lot of the local Middle Eastern crowd. The place is humongous.


This restaurant come club is located at the Dubai Marine beach resort as well. It features live Latin music and is the best salsa bar in Dubai. The crowd is usually tame until 10ish or so as they dine and then hits the dance floor with sexy salsa moves. Kish and I have gone a couple times to practice our salsa lessons learned.


DO NOT GO THERE – Unless you want to be surrounded by the prostitutes of Dubai.

I hope you find this list of nightclubs in Dubai as well as bars and lounges helpful. Whichever one you pick, simply ask your hotel, cab driver or anyone on the street where it is.

They are all popular and everyone should know where they are, especially if you plan on taking a cab (which I highly recommend you do).

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