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Would you want to live in Dubai if given the chance?

If you ask me, I would (but of course there are several personal reasons unique to me why I do not want to).

With everything that Dubai has to offer, who can resist doing so?

I’ll be telling you a bit about the lifestyle in Dubai in this article.

For starters, living in Dubai is really life changing.

You should learn about its culture and understand more about it.

You coexist with different cultures - Western, European, Asian and many more.

If you decide to taste the kind of living in Dubai prepare yourself to a lot of experiences to adjust to everything around you.

Oh, if English is your first language, have no fear because you would feel right at home since it is highly spoken most of the time.

Live in DubaiBut of course, it would be your advantage if you learn a little of the native language as well for practical purposes.

Dubai is one of the safest places in the world.

Crime rates are low due to their effective police force and security measures.

You would also like the weather since it is a combination of the hot and cold, almost 9 months of warm weather.

You would also enjoy a high cost of living. You are paid extremely well as an expatriate so you enjoy the benefits of staying here.

You can live in first class hotels and apartments; or if housing is provided, then you can live in first class villas and other kinds of accommodation. If you have kids there are international schools which provide quality education.

Talking of shopping, you have access to all modern trends of fashion and technology.   Dubai is a well known shopping destination for most tourists because of the high end boutiques and restaurants that are similarly found in America and Europe.

It doesn’t stop there. If you live in Dubai, you have no tax problems; it is almost a tax free-living kind of life style because you have no worries about income or capital gain taxes. You can buy first rate properties within the bounds of their laws and purchased in affordable prices.

Living in Dubai means there are laws you may have to follow. Kissing is prohibited in public places like the beach. In some places, a woman has to follow the dress code of not wearing too revealing clothes.

Drunk driving means imprisonment. You have to cross the proper pedestrian lanes. You have to avoid driving on the extreme left lane because this could lead to road rage and accidents.

You may have to tone down most everything you know about democracy because their kind of democracy is controlled by the government or “Sheikdom”. You won’t hear about crimes in the news or something bad about recession or high prices because these are censored.

Nevertheless, these are mere inconveniences you can learn to live with. The good side of all these is that Dubai has become more stable and it is now a world global business and tourist attraction. If you take that chance to live in Dubai, it may be worth it.


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