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How is it like living in Abu Dhabi?

When a person speaks about living in Abu Dhabi or any area in the Middle East, some people would think that the person who said that has gone bonkers or to put it in simple terms “out of his  mind”.

Why? Because the very mention of the words “Middle East” brings images such as guns, wars and terrorism.

Unfortunately, the image of the Middle East should not be like this.

They should not be seen as a country who likes violence and their people are not the type who lives on fear every day.

We should not generalize.

The media fails to show the beauty of this area. There are a lot of beautiful sceneries, interesting people, magnificent structures and delicious foods to partake of when you visit in Abu Dhabi.

Living in Abu DhabiHere are some interesting facts, especially if you are interested in living in Abu Dhabi.

It lies in the Persian Gulf where oil is richly bestowed and it guarantees that there will never be oil scarcity in that place.

Ergo, taxi fare is cheap.

If you are planning to visit or live in Abu Dhabi, you shouldn’t be afraid about communication issues because the city has become a habitat of many other nationalities from all over the world.

You will have the luxury of meeting people from all walks of life.

Not to worry, even though the natives speak mostly Arabic because the English language is very much used around there too.

UAE is one of the most tolerant countries because they have decided to have the “live and let live attitude” towards other nationalities.

An example of this would be in terms of food, Muslims never eat pork but there are some grocery stores where they have a separate section where you can find different kinds of pork such as salami, bratwurst and bacon. In terms of alcohol, Muslims don’t drink alcohol but non-Muslims can have the freedom to purchase alcohol if they have the license to do so.

They also have condominiums, apartments and huge houses which are available for those who would like to stay in the area. The weather in Abu Dhabi is extremely pleasant, more so if you love bathing under the heat of the sun. When January and February comes, you would feel that you are living in a colder area.

Aside from these months, living there would mostly be enjoyable because of the longer summer time. There are also many historical landmarks and beautiful sceneries here in Abu Dhabi. For instance, you can visit the White Fort which is also called the Al Hosn Fort.

It is considered as one of oldest structures in Abu Dhabi which was built in 1793. You could also visit the Liwa Oasis, one of the largest oases in Arabia. Another amazing place which you could visit is the Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Hotel which gives you many options when it comes to facilities and leisure such as swimming, playgrounds for kids, mini-golf, a gymnasium and a sauna.

It has tennis and squash courts available as well as a ballroom furnished with high-tech equipment and accommodations for up to 250 people.  These are only some of the amazing places in Abu Dhabi. See? You really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Living in Abu Dhabi offers you amazing things and places to see if you have the courage to do so.


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