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Negotiate with Dubai Employers - Get the Compensation Package for You

You got the job, but how should you negotiate with Dubai employers? This is a very common question we get a lot through email.

If you browse the Dubai forums out there you will also see that many are totally confused and don't know how to negotiate their salary with Dubai employers.

Why is this such a hot topic?

Because jobs in Dubai are a big reason why people move there.

You pay no tax, which makes it a lucrative option for many considering employment overseas.

Dubai employers are also known to pay very well, and give out very good perks as part of the job.

How to Negotiate Your Salary

The best way to negotiate your salary with Dubai employers is to start with how much you want to save and work backwards. Don't forget the reason you even considered Dubai employment to begin with. It was to save more wasn't it?

So say you were saving 1,000 Dirhams per month in your home country. I know you did not earn in Dirhams, but if you want to compare apples to apples, convert your savings to Dirhams, which is Dubai's local currency.

You considered moving to Dubai because you thought you could save 2,000 instead, which is a 100% increase in savings rate.

So how do you negotiate to get there? Start with 2,000 and then add your expenses. Consider this example (all numbers are per month):
  • Savings = 2,000
  • Housing = 8,000
  • Utilities = 400
  • Groceries = 400
  • Car/Fuel & Insurance = 800
  • Shopping/Dinning out = 800
  • Everything I missed = 10,000
TOTAL = 22,400 or about $6,136

You need to negotiate a salary of 22,400 Dirhams per month, or 268,800 per year.

Do not forget to account for the true cost of living in Dubai. The numbers I used above are just a rough example. Use numbers that make sense for your personal situation.

Don't forget that you are negotiating your total compensation package. So take non financial perks such as tuition for children, housing allowance, etc. into the equation. If you are not spending on it, then you are essentially saving it.

Good luck to you and let us know if you need any help.

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