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Hi, Sunil here with some of the popular nightclubs in Dubai

Traveler, tourist, or simply a vacationer, you will always find the best get away to break the monotony of your work or life in general.

For that especial reason, Dubai is on top of the list for its various wonders to choose from.

This one among the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East has a lot to promise, from natural to man made destinations.

This city never seems to sleep as it still offers a lot even during nighttimes to burn your energy and craving for fun. Nightclubs in Dubai as well as restaurants cum bars are up for all these purposes.

This city seems to be awake until 3 in the morning but watch out because the lights will go up immediately, as the city if very strict in imposing nightclub hours. Large amounts of penalties are at stake even with only seconds of extending the fun.

During Ramadan, many of these nightclubs will be closed but for the remaining days of the year, nightclubs in Dubai come to life every night. In addition to the lively music and atmosphere are appearances of famous DJs Ferry Corsten and Schiller at the Peppermint Club, Paul van Dyke, Kandi and Groove Armada at Trilogy club and many more. These are just few of the fun times that you can enjoy when you are in this wonderful city.

Today, there are a number of bars that requires an entrance fee. Regular bars have an average of Dhs. 50-100 entry charge which mostly comes with a free drink while Dhs. 100-200 for clubs with top DJs. Also, there are days when these clubs offer free entrance for women and there are still a number of nightclubs in Dubai that offer free entrance (no cover charge!).

You see, entrance fee has just recently become the trend, but prior to the year 2000 all clubs were free. With the booming tourism that attracts more people, the additional cost of adding famous personalities such as bands, DJs and more, the entrance fee has come to the picture. Same ole idea as the US party scene.

Here is a short video from Elegante Nightclub in Dubai. Click the arrow in the middle once to view the video.

But the fun and enjoyment that you are promised is worth more than the entry charge. You will see true night entertainment in its purest form in Dubai. But there are still nightclubs that you can get in free and have a good night drink and fun.

Some of the popular nightclubs in Dubai are:

  • 360° - located on top of the building end part of Groyne from Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Barasti Bars – has an indoor and outdoor setting and the dress code is not very strict
  • Buddha Bar – one of the must visit nightclubs in Dubai. To find out why, you need to go up the staircase shortly after entering. It’s a surprise. I was surprised by the big golden Buddha inside ?
  • Scarlette’s – located at Emirates Towers is a twin bar facility. A sports bar downstairs and nightclub upstairs. This was declared a no smoking club in September 2007.
  • Sho Cho’s – one of the clubs that sports very good music and is a favorite place of Dubai’s hoi polloi sporting costly clothes.
  • Zinc – for those who like variety, this nightclub introduces occasional comedy shows.

These are only few of the many nightclubs in Dubai that you can go to. Usually, famous hotels have their own nightclub or lounge. You can ask around and the people are friendly enough to relay where to go to have a night of fun and entertainment.

Stay tuned to this website for more on the nightclub scene in Dubai. We will continue to add the latest and greatest hot spots you should go to.

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