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Hi, Sunil here to talk about nursing jobs in Dubai

Since only a few years, you may have heard more and more about how Dubai has emerged as a regional leader in healthcare and medical services.

Not only that, but there is increasing medical research and advancements to associated fields that are coming out of Dubai, making it an exciting prospect for employment.

When I went to Dubai in late 2007 (and even now in 2013), I noticed huge banners at the Dubai International Airport publicizing Dubai as the new healthcare capital.

The Best Guide to Dubai Jobs

Dubai Job Guide

The Best Guide to Dubai Jobs

I knew right then that Dubai has shifted its focus to making serious advancements in the healthcare industry.

Considering a nursing job in Dubai already?

Well, you definitely know that as a nurse there is a demand for your expertise in Dubai, so there is no worry of that. In fact there is demand for your skill all over the world.

Various hospitals and healthcare facilities are constantly on the lookout for new blood to reinforce their existing staff.

However, although there are no worries about the availability of the nursing jobs in Dubai, the process of immigration to work in a foreign country can sometimes be problematic.

Of course, this could not be truer than in the case of nurses. Not only are there various immigration worries such as visas and work permits to think of, but also there are the questions of certification and credentials that can really cause a headache or two.

Fortunately, due to the sheer demand that Dubai has for nurses, as well as the constant flow of human traffic towards nursing jobs in Dubai, many recruitment services out there offer complete help. Some of these recruitment services help with everything from work permits to certification, so there really is nothing to worry about.

Others even go the extra mile by providing help to locate suitable accommodation. Incidentally, you should know that many Dubai based hospitals pay for their workers accommodation, so take that into consideration as you make your decisions.

Advancement and Incentives as a Nurse in Dubai

Being a nurse in Dubai has several distinct advantages. Not only is it the chance of a lifetime to earn overseas and enjoy tax-free living, but there is significant experience value and advancement as well. As a nurse in a world-class medical facility with state-of-the-art equipment and a vibrant medical community, there is little left to be desired for professionally.

Although you may have heard that Dubai is an expensive city to live in, clearly the tax-free income is a benefit. In addition, many hospitals provide generously for their staff, taking care of many of the basic needs and then some.

For example, the American Hospital Dubai provides either accommodation in a shared facility free including free transport to and from work, or a Dhs. 2,000 ($550) allowance for both finding a rental accommodation and Dhs. 600 ($165) travel allowance, monthly.

To sweeten the pot, this American Hospital Dubai also offers its nursing staff complete paid utility bills, with the exception of long distance calls. Even a yearly annual leave ticket to visit your family is completely free, as is a ticket at both the start and end of your contract. So, essentially, most everything is provided for. Just take your paycheck and deposit it in the bank every month!

For those wanting to experience a foreign workplace while at the same time gaining valuable experience and earning well, there is little out there that can match the offers put out by Dubai medical facilities. All that remains is for you to make the decision whether or not it is for you.

I recommend reading my discussions on moving to Dubai and living in Dubai to learn more about the opportunity and better understand what’s ahead. My sister and her fiancé are both doctors and are considering a move to Dubai. The Dubai government is just offering all kinds of perks from tax free income, free housing, car/fuel and other allowances.

The Dubai Job Secrets guide is definitely the best resource in ensuring your chances to secure one of the many nursing jobs in Dubai are as good as they can get.

Also, the database below is the biggest and most current repository of jobs in Dubai and the entire Middle East based on your preferred industry.

This is how most of my friends have secured professional jobs in Dubai. Select "UAE" under Location for career opportunities in Dubai.

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