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Palm Jumeirah Dubai - Proof of Man's Craft and Ingenuity

Palm Jumeirah Dubai, as Discovery Channel put it, is a “megastructure.” Truly innovative and ingenious, it reflects the wonders that engineering could create and the growth of Dubai’s economy and technological advancement.

For a lot of people, the palm Jumeirah is known as Dubai’s international emblem, but only a few are aware that it was built to help solve Dubai’s beach shortage.

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum drew a sketch of a palm tree, and later realized that its fronds would provide more beach area than a traditional circular island.

This was the birth of the idea of Palm Jumeirah, which the locals consider as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” I (Sunil) do too to a certain extent.

You really must see it to appreciate it, and I have seen it from a topographical view (that is a helicopter view).

Palm Jumeirah is the first to be built among the trilogy of the man-made Dubai islands.

It is the smallest of the three, with an area of five kilometers by five kilometers.

A view of Palm Jumeirah from the sky is breathtaking and awesome.

It is not everyday that you get to see the product of man’s ingenuity and desire to go beyond the limits of what is thought to be impossible.

Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah Island

These are some views of the Palm Island Dubai (Jumeirah) from high up above...

The mere planning of the island is tedious in itself. From the planning to the actual construction – it was definitely a collaboration of the best minds in architecture, science, and engineering. Architects designed the project in such a way so that incoming waves of the sea from the Dubai beaches were “broken down” so that by the time they hit the islands, they are not so strong anymore. There are tons of documentaries on this on the Discovery channel.

A number of luxury hotels, residences and restaurants will be located at the outer branch breakwater which is 11 kilometers in length. The trunk is two kilometers in length, and will have 17 fronds that branch from the center. This fronds and the trunk houses hotels, villas, apartments, and retail shops.

Over 30 Dubai beach hotels opened in 2009 – the most notable hotels are the Atlantis Hotel which is a 1,500 room resort and water park; and the Trump International Hotel and Tower which is located right at the center. I was actually there when it opened. I believe Christina Aguillera had performed live that night. It is not surprising that top business honcho, Donald Trump, decided to open a hotel in this place. Palm Jumeirah Dubai is obviously a tourist hotspot and an investor magnet.

The exclusive Dubai Marina residences are located at the very tip of the trunk. It consists of six towers, 940 apartments, and 40 town homes. The entire island is connected by a monorail to provide transportation for both the locals and tourists.

Another incredible thing about this island is that two F-100 Super Sabre fighter jets have been uncovered and sunk near Palm Jumeirah to produce an artificial reef, intended as an additional attraction for divers.

The Palm Jumeirah Dubai is a must see destination for tourists who are visiting Dubai. It is an assortment of tourist attractions rolled into one island. Just when you think you have seen everything this Palm island has to offer, there are several beachfront hotels and residences that will open in the future per Dubai’s 30 year plan.

Be sure to look out for that on your next visit to Dubai. And as always, stay tuned to us/this website for ongoing updates. Enjoy your visit - Bon Voyage!

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