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Hi – Sunil here to discuss parks in Dubai

If you are looking for Dubai parks you certainly won’t be disappointed.

It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or hotter, there are many parks that you can enjoy either sitting under a shaded tree reading a book or taking a bicycle trip around the scenic paths.

Most parks are free to the public but you do have to be aware of set rules when it comes to who is allowed at the park. On certain days only women and children are allowed.

The parks in Dubai are quite breathtaking so although there are plenty of amusement parks in Dubai, you should consider taking one day out of your trip to enjoy the natural settings that are truly worth seeing.

For example, you have Al Hamriya Park which is nearby to the Hamrivah Shopping Center. They are open everyday from 8am to 10pm but on Saturday to Wednesday they only allow ladies and children.

The same can be said about Umm Suqueim Park which is one of the largest parks made specifically for children. It has many games and recreational games made just for the youngsters. Located near the Jumeirah Beach Hotel it is open daily from 8am to 11pm, with Thursdays and Fridays being set aside only for women and children.

You will find this with a lot of the smaller parks so you need to be aware of where you are going if you are a male or with male family members.

One of the largest and best parks in Dubai is the Creekside Park. Creekside offers everything from fishing piers, large botanical gardens, walking and running tracks, BBQ sites with picnic tables, restaurants, and children only play areas, and an amphitheater which holds up to 1000 people.

With special areas for hosting events it truly is a comprehensive park that includes everything you need. You can even rent bikes to ride around and enjoy the scenery or you can hop on the cable car so you can take a seat and casually tour the park. Wednesday is for ladies and children only at this park.

When looking for parks in Dubai you can’t exclude the beach parks which are extremely fun and allow you to swim to your heart’s content. Al Mamzar Beach Park is wonderful for exploring the grassy areas and winding paths before jumping in the water to cool off.

With plenty of sheltered areas and lifeguards it is a safe and enjoyable area to swim and enjoy what nature has to offer. Again, Wednesday is for ladies only.

Jumeira Beach Park (close to Kish’s house) is also a popular park in Dubai. Ideal for family picnics and swimming, this park is geared mostly to the tourists who enjoy swimming and sunbathing but can be enjoyed by all.

With a small play are for children and plenty of areas for recreation such as volleyball, you are sure to have an enjoyable time here. Located on the Beach Road, keep in mind that Saturday is for children and ladies only.

Lastly, there is a great park in Dubai that is certainly worth mentioning. Safe Park is a large park that is divided into play areas and sections. For the teenagers you have the video game area complete with bumper cars and “the big wheel” and for the children you have the “mini-city” which has smaller roads so that they can pretend they are driving.

Completely with traffic lights and signs, children get a big kick out of. Safe Park also has a fountain on a lake, boating facilities, and a waterfall to keep people cool and having fun.

This is just one of the many parks in Dubai that has paths for walking and jogging. Tuesday is the day set aside for women and children only. Quite a park isn’t it? I wished they had these while I was growing up! Oh well..

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