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The Plan Abu Dhabi 2030

A Blueprint to Future Development

Hi, Sunil here to speak to The Plan Abu Dhabi 2030.

The Government of Abu Dhabi released the 'Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 - Urban Structure Framework Plan', which is a comprehensive plan that will shape up the future of this Emirate.

It is the basic foundation on which this Emirate-City will be developed going into the future.

Each infrastructure decision will have to bumped-up to the plan to ensure compliance with the vision and the plan’s requirements.

It will be a guiding document for every major party involved (pretty much everyone).

Coming from a business background, I have always believed in the Japanese principles of “Kaizen”, which also involves thinking and planning carefully but implementing rapidly.

So as you can imagine, my philosophies are very much in alignment with Abu Dhabi.

The plan, which was disclosed post 2008, was in the works for several years.

It is the Government’s laid back and risk-averse attitude, coupled with ambitious vision that has made this plan possible.

This plan will transform Abu Dhabi further into a world class Emirate-City. It is a long term plan that will build its solid foundation and propel it to the heights in the future. A new Urban Planning Council was also developed to oversee the implementation of the plan and further establishment of urban planning policy.

The plan is quite detailed and includes several specifications (restrictions depending on how you look at it). For example there are specifications as to how to use land, the heights of the building, public transportation infrastructure, etc. The plan is based on a population increase of over 3 million residents per year through 2030.

As you can imagine, the plan involves several housing projects, which will drive in business and commerce, which will drive in more expats which will create more industries, supply and demand of several goods and services. Do you see where Abu Dhabi is headed?

Most importantly, the Government has learned the tough lessons Dubai had to learn the hard way post 2008. It saw that Dubai may have propelled to success very fast, but it dropped even faster as its basic economic fundamentals were flawed from the very beginning. Abu Dhabi’s urban planning process principles are rigid, conservative and well defined. Personally, they are very much appealing to me. Here are they:

  • Abu Dhabi will be a contemporary expression of an Arab city, which has people living, doing, and thriving in healthy supportive proximity to each other.

  • Abu Dhabi will continue its practice of measured growth reflecting a sustainable economy, rather than an uncontrolled growth.

  • Abu Dhabi will respect, be scaled to, and shaped by the natural environment of sensitive coastal and desert ecologies.

  • Abu Dhabi will manifest its role and stature as a capital city.

  • Abu Dhabi’s urban fabric and community infrastructure will enable the values, social arrangements, culture and mores of this Arab community.
As I read this I see no resemblance whatsoever to Dubai. Do you? I cannot wait to see Abu Dhabi’s future.

Have a sneak peak into the Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 - Download it for free here.

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