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Kish here again to discuss restaurants in Dubai with you

As I mentioned before I love to eat, and Dubai has never let me down when it comes to finding the most unique and delicious cuisines from around the globe.

From fresh fruit cocktail juices on the street side, to fine dining restaurants in luxury hotels, Dubai is a hot spot that will capture your taste buds with some of the best flavors from all around the world.

So the question really is what kind of food to expect in Dubai? To answer this question, let me first ask you, what exactly are you looking for?

A quick bite to eat while site seeing or shopping? No problem! Grab a shawarma sandwich or falafel sandwich along with a fresh fruit juice (almost any flavor you want) from a nearby cafeteria.

I always tell Sunil to try the sandwiches at these little cafeterias every time he visits The City. They are so cheap and so tasty! This is one of the few things I miss about Dubai!

Or are you looking for a nice Italian restaurant to spend a quite evening with flavorful food? Walk into one of Dubai’s finest hotels and you will not be disappointed.

You get the point - you will find everything here. Dubai also has a huge trend of coffee shops, hookah lounges, and ice cream parlors. You will find these at almost every corner.

The Taste of Dubai event is a testament to the diverse world wide cuisine that Dubai offers. In Dubai you will find restaurants that serve food from all corners of the world.

Coffee shops and ice cream parlors from all around the world are also in Dubai and they stay open till midnight or later, especially on weekends. Some of the most popular cuisines in Dubai are Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and Italian.

You can also find your typical fast food restaurants like Mac Donald’s, and Burger King, and most of these carry unique items on their menu that have some Arabic flavor. For example, Mac Donald’s, carries a Kebab Sandwich, which is a blend of beef patty cooked in Arabic spices served in pita bread along with other condiments.

Restaurants in Dubai that are part of hotels serve alcohol and generally stay open until later than stand alone restaurants. But don’t get me wrong. All restaurants, cafeterias, and fast food places stay open till considerably late in this part of the world even on week days as the normal dinner time is anywhere between 8:30 and 10:00 pm!!

Being such a big tourist spot, restaurants are very flexible with the dress code. Most places are casual and there are no specific dress codes.

Weekend buffets are also very popular in the city and you will find some of the best ones in hotel restaurants that offer all you can eat buffets will delicacies from around the world. Make sure you come with an empty stomach and a good appetite to truly enjoy these lavish buffets!

If you are a little hesitant and not very adventurous about trying the different Dubai restaurants, do not worry. Typical franchises are not a rare sight here. To name a few, Chill’s’, Fridays, Bennigans, and Benihannas are all very common and popular in Dubai.

Lastly, I have listed some of the best restaurants in Dubai in this article so please check it out (my humble opinion of course). You will find reviews, suggestions, and some insider information from first hand experience!

Alamo Dubai

The Alamo Dubai is a hot dining favorite in Dubai. It is perfect for all occasions and all types of individuals and groups. Make sure to visit it during your next trip to Dubai.

All the Cool Restaurants in Dubai

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Best Dubai Restaurants

Adventure and sightseeing in Dubai is not enough? go try out food at the best restaurants in Dubai. Whether you are on a tour, or taking someone on a date, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from, depending on your craving, location, and budget.

More of Some of the Best Dubai Restaurants - Our Favorites

We know some of the best restaurants in Dubai. And by now you already know that Dubai hosts a large variety of flavors from all over the WORLD! So here are some of our other favorite restaurants in Dubai in no particular order

Sunil's view on Dubai Restaurants

Suni's take on the best Dubai Restaurants and eating out in Dubai in general.

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