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Hi, Sunil here to talk about the new rotating tower in Dubai (2008, Update: 2012)

Just as planned by the government, Dubai will be the most exciting country to visit and to live in once all is said and done (but will that time ever come in a constantly transforming city?).

The Burj Al Arab is definitely not the last in the freestanding hotel structures in this city.

Soon, an empire of freestanding and more advanced skyscrapers will be standing such as the Burj Dubai and Al Burj.

These will not just be freestanding but rotating!

The rotating tower in Dubai or “spinning building” is the brainchild of Dynamic Architecture, which has the concept of having all buildings and hotel occupants the luxury of seeing its overall surroundings at least once in 7 days.

David Fisher, a Florentine Architect, brings the idea into structures. These buildings will have the ability to constantly spin in 360 degrees, and generate electricity. How? Every floor will be built to move in motion independent from the others in 6 meters providing scene to each and everyone.

Rotating Tower in Dubai

As it spins, there are about 48 wind turbines fitted between floors to produce energy for it and for all the other buildings around it. A solar panel is also situated on the roof that will also create the same pollution-free energy. It is also expected to be designed with carbon fiber to solve whatever problem there may be in terms of acoustics.

The Rotating Tower in Dubai will be built with 90% materials from prefabricated modules through an industrial factory that will be set up in Jebel Ali, a first of its kind. Its core materials will be shipped from the manufacturing to the construction site for assembling.

Every floor will then be delivered to the job site complete with all the important plumbing and electrical wirings as well as amenities like air conditioning and so much more. The complete by-floor modules will be mechanically assembled in a projected speed of 3 days per floor!! It will complete a 313 meters or 1,027 feet skyscraper of 68 constantly moving floors.

When completed, the tower will have a six star hotel, apartments and offices of different sizes. A retractable heliport will be extending from the shell of the 64th floor. On top, there will be five villas designed with parking lots in the same floor and special elevators that will bring vehicles up and down.

A futuristic look of the rotating tower in Dubai

To complete the villas are swimming pools, gardens, and Arabian majlis. This same concept from Dynamic Architecture expected in 2009 in Dubai will be brought to New York, Milan, Moscow, and Tokyo making the world spin and generate its own electricity.

The same concept is also brought into structure by Glenn Howell Architecture though the 2009 Times Residences in the City. Expect that this concept will be brought to life by other architectural firms too in the next years to come.

There are even projections that an entire city will boom as a rotating city “lol”. Imagine the grandeur and efficiency it will provide if an entire city is able to make its own solar and wind energies. It will definitely please the “libs” and make Al Gore dance in joy in even his dreams.

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