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Hi – Sunil here to talk about a very lucrative opportunity – sales jobs in Dubai

I have personally never liked sales jobs, but as I am widening my horizons and learning the business world more and more, sales jobs are making more and more sense.

And recently as I have been following and studying Dubai, sometimes it seems to be the case that there is a demand for everything in Dubai, and never is this more apparent than in sales.

While at one stage most of the demand is centered on finding experts in areas related to construction, in order to allow for the massive expansions that is taking place today (while that demand does still exist) it is accompanied by other demands as well.

Mostly this is due to the fact that Dubai now has a diverse community of businesses that have set up shop and are looking to get established. Naturally, sales are one of the areas in which any business tends to look to first.

What Type of Sales?

This is the million dollar question. Sales jobs in Dubai truly occupy a very large range of positions, which range from salesmen and saleswomen to sales executives and consultants.

Also, these positions can be for companies in a variety of areas from IT based sales to sports equipment, and so many more. In truth, it seems that at least online, a lot of the jobs do tend to be within IT based hardware or software sales, however there are certainly others.

Of course, depending on the position as well as past experience, the pay may differ greatly. Regular salesmen or women earn around the USD $20,000 bracket a year, while more experienced sales consultants can be given USD $100,000 a year or more as well as a multitude of perks including accommodation and transport allowances.

So if you’re really interested in getting into one of the sales jobs in Dubai, you should consider if you have the experience to get a well-paying job that is worth working overseas for. Also, it would be a good step to consider carefully which area of sales exactly you would be interested in.

Where to Look?

Finding sales jobs in Dubai is extremely easy, and you can find many listings online that are pretty comprehensive. Generally, it is tough to find work on the ground in Dubai, as it could take time to learn the ins and outs of the thriving business world there. That said it wouldn’t hurt to go on a holiday and scout out the place before making a decision.

Another great way is, instead of listings, to look at the multinational companies that have set up, or are planning to set up, shop in Dubai. Sales jobs in Dubai at large multinationals tend to be around constantly, as with each new development in Dubai, more and more multinationals arrive at is doorstep.

Knowing exactly what sort of sales job in Dubai you’re after, and having the relevant experience is really one of the biggest advantages when job hunting. Not only will you find your services in demand, but you will be able to get instant attention from the jobs that you do apply for, and your chances of finding a dream sales job in Dubai are that much higher when you do have the experience that so many companies in Dubai require.

The Dubai Job Secrets guide is definitely the best resource in ensuring your chances to secure a sales job in Dubai are as good as they can get.

Also, the database below is the biggest and most current repository of jobs in Dubai and the entire Middle East based on your preferred industry.

This is how most of my friends have secured professional jobs in Dubai. Select "UAE" under Location for career opportunities in Dubai.

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