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Schools in Dubai - Educating the Future

If you are considering taking your family to Dubai and live there, schools in Dubai would be one of your primary concerns as you would want to be able to provide your children with the best education.

It is a good thing though that the government of Dubai puts great care in their education sector so that their citizens are well educated.

You will be surprised that the government offers free schooling from kindergarten to university level education.

This immediately shows you that they take education of the future leaders very seriously.

Their people are very important to them.

With their educational program children above 5 years of age are require to be a full time student thus making sure that they get education without distractions of having to work while studying (many do sneak in part time jobs here and there).

Though nursery schools are not provided free, there are a lot of nurseries in Dubai as well.

These nursery schools are of Montessori structure in the system of instruction that has been adopted to suit the local culture, but remain to have English as the means of instruction.

Although nurseries are present the hours of operation of these schools for the young are not that flexible.

Classes are mostly offered in the mornings only.

Grade School in Dubai is mandatory, giving the children a chance to learn from schools.

Parents are not given a reason to not be able to send the children to schools since schools are provided free by the government. You have an option to send your children to a free public school but of course if you have the means of paying for a private school you would opt for that option. They are regarded better.

Many of the private schools, if not most, have their educational system based on western style of teaching and use English to facilitate the learning process. Although this is the case in many schools, foreign language such as Japanese and French are also taught. In primary schools the uniforms used are also similar to that of those British or American schools, and these uniforms are mandatory for many of the schools in Dubai.

The University in Dubai has expanded rapidly in the past couple of years and Dubai is now becoming well known for having very good colleges and universities that can be compared to may good schools in the west.

Some of the more prestigious schools in America and England have established extension Universities in Dubai to promote culture exchange and to enhance the relationship with the country. Michigan State University is one example (Go Spartans!)

Your options for studies, whether for you or for your children, are many and you can approach the Dubai embassy in learning about the many schools and programs in Dubai in detail. They will be happy to provide you with a list of schools and help you get in touch with them if you need personal assistance.

Business is not the only thing booming in this part of the world, but the entire infrastructure all together. There are more opportunities to learn and teach the future generations today than ever before. Take advantage of it - there is no reason not to.

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