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Shipping USA Products to Dubai - How to Get USA Goods to Dubai

Shipping USA products to Dubai is a luxury some Dubai residents enjoy, but not all. Why is that? Because when shopping online in Dubai, many merchants who have ecommerce websites are typically based outside Dubai.

As of 2010, outside the USA, no other country had an ecommerce and online banking infrastructure anywhere close to the sophistication of the USA.

Add to that the problem of not having unique physical addresses in Dubai outside just PO Boxes.

Many merchants do not prefer shipping to PO Boxes at all.

This will be resurrected post 2010 as Dubai and most other countries are developing a mail system similar to the USA. But until then, how can Dubai residents get USA products shipped to Dubai?

Before I discuss how to get goods to Dubai when you order online particularly, here are a few instances of when Dubai residents wished they had instant access to products made outside of Dubai.
  • Think about the release of the I-pone and I-pad by Apple. These were releases in North America only, and later introduced elsewhere.
  • What about popular brand names like,,, that as of 2010 did not ship to Dubai?
  • What about premium dubai products high quality pool sticks and marlin fishing lures?

It’s not that you don’t have money. Trust me, I know how much money is oozing out of your pocket. There are plenty very wealthy folks in Dubai who have the money, but not the access to these goods.

Best Way of Shipping USA Products to Dubai

The best way to get the latest and greatest gadgets over to Dubai is simply get to know someone very well across the ocean and have them be your point of contact. As long as you are not bringing in mass quantities (subject to trading laws), you should be fine.

Kish and I have personally shipped a ton of stuff to Dubai. We ship items like clothes, laptops, phones/electronic gadgets, sporting goods, shoes, video games and more all the time.

Our contact points in Dubai simply order online, pay with their credit cards and then provide our address. As soon as we get the items, we ship it off to Dubai. Thanks to services like PayPal, money transfer becomes very easy as well when called for.

So do you fall into this category as well? Do you want the latest gadget release in the USA? Just let us know and we will see how we can help.

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