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Shopping in Dubai is one of my favorite activities to do in there! It is an experience that you will not forget that quick!

With so many malls, souks and supermarkets, it is no wonder that even the ordinary Dubai citizen can sometimes be a bit awed by the shopper’s paradise.

For any tourist, the hard part of the whole shopping experience may be the idea of having to tear oneself away from it all.

The shopper’s paradise is certainly an apt name for Dubai because it offers the very best there is in ambience, the sun and ‘out of this world’ shopping malls where each one of them offers fantastic deals.

There are quite a few places that a you can do your shopping from, making your Dubai shopping a complete experience.

The Burjuman center is a vast shopping mall that comes with adjoining Rotana suites, perfect for you if you can't seem to stop shopping." This mall contains over 300 leading stores with a whole range of products being featured here.

Then there is the shopping mall at Deira called the Deira city center. This mall has over 340 shops, with designer brands being featured prominently in many of them. This mall also contains restaurants, fast food outlets as well as movie theatres, making it a perfect venue to hang out with friends during the weekend.

These are just a two of the malls that you can cover during your stay in Dubai. The great thing about the shopping malls is that you can find most of them self contained in the sense that most of them come with a food court, movie theatres, medical shops, living quarters, entertainment zones, etc… in short, a place to hang out in for quite a while.

For example, the mall of the Emirates contains over 350 stores, a ski resort, a theater, an amusement park and a bank amongst many other options. Dubai shopping has certainly changed for the better with the very best being provided for the shopper.

You can stay for days in any one of these malls without having to step outside at all, which is not just a possibility but a reality as well. The palm strip situated in Jumeirah deserves a special mention as one of the classiest shopping malls, with an open air ambience, lending it a special touch. Most of the shops located here are up market boutiques, with café’s and restaurants excelling in their cuisine.

Most items are not taxed in Dubai and as such the shopping malls of Dubai offer the very best in prices when it comes to the latest designer wear. It is true that such designer wear may still cost a bit, but with little or no taxation on them, even the middle class can afford to go ‘Prada’ once in a while.

Currently with over 25 malls and many souks, Dubai has literally become the shopping capital of the world. Many people visit Dubai just for the sole purpose of shopping. Make sure to get your dose on your trip to Dubai.

Dubai Shopping

Shopping in Dubai is tax free and a dream for many shopaholics. The variety and prices can be overwhelming to a first time shopper in Dubai. However, prices have gone up in recent times. Learn the evolution of the Dubai shopping trend in this discussion…

Dubai Shopping Centers

There are so many Dubai shopping centers. Read this discussion as I (Kish) have broken it down to four basic categories. Learn where they are and what to expect from each.

Shopping Centers in Dubai

Learn about the many shopping centers in Dubai, where they are located and what each one is best known for. These big, beautiful structures can add a completely different flavor to your experience shopping in Dubai.

Shopping Mall in Dubai

Want to know what a shopping mall in Dubai is like? Read this discussion and find out what to expect, when the malls open and close as well as one of the more popular malls to visit during your trip to Dubai.

Dubai Souks

The Dubai souks are a great way to experience old shopping in Dubai. There are many of these and more are in the Deira area. Read more about them here and what to expect when you get there. Also, don’t forget to bargain!

Dubai Airport Shopping

Dubai airport shopping is a great way to pass time while waiting at the airport. The environment is perfect whether you are window shopping or looking for serious bargains.

Dubai Online Shopping

Shopping in Dubai online is continuing to increase in popularity as many prefer to take advantage of the Dubai like discounts from the comforts of their own homes. Learn more about the online shopping experience when you buy from a Dubai online merchant.

Dubai Gold

Dubai gold comes in all shapes, sizes are forms. Find out what type of gold you can get, where it comes from and what is done to it once it gets to Dubai. Learn the facts before you head out shopping there.

Dubai Gold Jewelry

Dubai gold jewelry is known all around the world. Find out why and when the best time is to get the best bargains. Find out the hottest place to go to shop for gold in Dubai!

Dubai Gold Market

The Dubai gold market sells the finest gold at up to 60% cheaper than Europe or the rest of the world. The “City of Gold” has plenty to offer when it comes to shopping for a precious and rare commodity such as gold.

Dubai Diamonds

Dubai diamonds are known all around the world for their purity, clarity and most importantly their price. Despite a 15% annual increase in price, Dubai diamonds are still much cheaper than Europe and North America.

Dubai Diamond Jewelry

Dubai diamond jewelry is known all around the world for its class, character and most importantly affordability. Read about it in this discussion.

Dubai Jewelry Accessories For Sale

The amount of Dubai jewelry accessories for sale can be extremely overwhelming. Set your limits and learn some discipline so that you don’t blow out your mind and your bank account. It is very tempting!

Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival is the best thing since sliced bread for the shopaholic. The annual event is the epitomy of shopping in Dubai as it attracts more than 2 million visitors and generates over a billion dollars in revenues for Dubai each year.

Ella Mart

The largest and most reputable online shopping mall in Dubai. You can find everything from books, media, electronics, flowers, games, home spa, IT, mobiles/accessories, office goods, perfumes, men and womens fashion, pharmacy meds and even groceries!

Jewelry Shopping in Dubai

Jewelry shopping in Dubai is very popular. Diamonds are sold sometimes up to 60% off cost in Europe or North America as Dubai has very lax trading laws with no tarrifs and taxes.

The UAE Internet Market

How does the UAE Internet market compare Dubai and North America? Where is it now and where is it heading? Are there opportunities for you?

Internet in Dubai

The internet in Dubai is built on a solid infrastructure. However, learn about the restrictions you might face given a state of the art internet infrastructure.

Online Shopping - The Most Reliable Online Mall

Read about the growing trend of online shopping in Dubai as well as the best and most reliable Dubai online mall.

Cell Phones in Dubai

Read about what cell phones in Dubai will work and where to get a local service. Read about the best Nokia cell phones available in Dubai and the Etisalat phone and internet company in Dubai.

Dubai Electronics

Electronics are every grown man's toy - or woman's ;-) And there is no where better to get these cheaper than in Dubai. Read on Dubai electronics here.

How to Buy Gold in Dubai

Learn how to buy gold in the Dubai gold market. Read about negotiating your own gold price and how to deal with vendors at the Dubai souk.

Dragon Mart Dubai

The Dragon Mart Dubai is the largest trading hub for Chinese products located in the city. This place has a lot of imported Chinese furniture and other stuff, and you can even negotiate with the vendors. Dragon Mart will surely give you a unique experience while shopping in Dubai.

More Deals on Dubai Shopping

Find the best deals in Dubai Shopping and buy everything from couture, perfumes to carpets! Shopping in Dubai is where a convergence of everything grand and opulent takes place in some of the most luxurious malls ever created. The best shops in Asia are found in Dubai, so what are you waiting for?

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