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A Shopping Mall in Dubai

How Is It Like? Which Ones to Visit?

Hi, Kish here to talk about a typical shopping mall in Dubai and one of the more popular ones to go to…

The huge crowd from all over the world, which travels to Dubai year after year to enjoy the famous shopping festival here, is a classic example of the shopping scene in Dubai.

Being very low on import duties, retail prices in Dubai are very affordable and reasonable making it a hot destination for shopping enthusiasts.

A mind boggling variety and range of products from all over the globe are available in any shopping mall in Dubai.

Products like carpets from Persia and Kashmir, computers from the enterprising Asian countries, cameras and watches from Japan, cosmetics and perfume from France and other parts of the world, jewelry set in gold, silver and diamonds, fabrics of various textures and designs, etc are but a few products you can find in the standard shopping mall in Dubai.

A shopping mall in Dubai is generally open during the day and from 4 PM onwards till late in the night. In fact, these days you can find shopping centers and malls open through the day. On Fridays though, all shops are shut for prayers between 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM. Shops are closed during the day and open from 6.30 PM during the Ramadan month.

A shopping mall in Dubai is sure to entice visitors from different countries to come back again. Dubai is in fact a virtual shopping paradise. People here are very warm and welcoming offering customer’s good quality stuff at affordable prices. With the variety of food courts and entertainment hubs in these malls, you are sure to have a wonderful time here.

Dubai Mall - the world's largest shopping mall (to be) - Yes, larger than the Mall of America

One of the famous shopping mall in Dubai is the Deira City Center. This huge mall houses around 340 shops and is situated near the famous hotel called the Sofitel City Centre Hotel.

Located right opposite the popular Dubai Creek and Yatch Club, the Diera City Centre has a mind boggling variety of products. Attractive household items, colorful furnishings, enticing jewelry, exotic perfumes, endearing and cute stuff for children, etc are just some of the few things you can find here. The list is endless.

You can find almost every branded store including the Gap, Calvin Klein, IKEA, etc in the Diera City Center. This shopping mall caters to the taste and budget of everyone. This is one of the reasons why millions of people from all over the world visit this mall year after year.

Mercato Shopping Mall

This exciting and entertaining mall is open from 10 AM to 10 PM from Saturday to Thursday. With a facility of over six thousand free parking slots, it is not very difficult to find a space for yourself here.

The Diera City Centre shopping mall in Dubai belongs to the famed Majid Al Futtaim’s chain of malls. This mall in fact was one of the first malls, which came up in Dubai and is the most popular until today.

This mall is built in two levels covering an area of approximately 1.2 million sq.ft of retail space. That is just insane and it is not even the biggest mall Dubai has got. Apart from the variety of shops, this shopping mall has an 11 screen Cinestar Cinemas inside.

There are offices operating here in the office tower comprising of 11 stories, a leisure family complex called the Magic Planet, famous car showrooms, a hypermarket, and much more. I am not sure what else can a shopper ask for in a “mall”?

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