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Sightseeing in Dubai is Abundant

Sightseeing in Dubai is more than abundant.

I was there for 8 days in 2007 and I want to go back again asap to explore the rest. (2012 Update: I went in 2008, 2010) Here is the fun part.

The next time I go the place will look completely different.

As if they take a building and move it to another location like kids play with legos.

But aside from the city and buildings there is a lot to do and see in Dubai even away from the city.

The historical museums and sites are located away from the city. If you want to see the old Dubai homes you will have to go away from the city too. These are worth seeing, particularly the wind tunnels they created on top of the homes to act as the air condition system. In case you did not know Dubai is in the desert. It gets very hot there.

We went on a few tours while we were in Dubai. We had a tour guide for each on of the tours. I recommend getting a tour guide until you get familiar with the place and can do your own tours.

My favorite sight was the Al Fahidi Fort where there is so much history. If you have a good guide like we did, he will tell you the history of Dubai and what the fort symbolizes. It goes way back when Dubai was just a small town of pearl divers.

Basically there are many things to do in Dubai. So many that 8 days straight of sightseeing in Dubai wonÂ’t cut it. You will a full month, or two! My husband and I plan on going back sometime in 2008. I will contribute another article after my next visit.

-Michelle S.

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