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Hi, Sunil here to talk about how you can start a business in the UAE in the fastest and most cost effective way. If you said YES to any of the above, then YOU MUST READ THIS CAREFULLY!

This guide contains lots of practical information on how to get settled in the UAE covering Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Northern Emirates ranging from company formation guidelines, information on visa application (free zone), opening of a corporate bank account, finding accommodation and cost of living topics along with loads of website links to get further information on each topic.

In addition the guide includes links to relevant business groups and networks you can join to raise your profile and find clients. You must have heard about how the Jebel Ali free zone Dubai has created magic for businesses? You will learn exactly how to capitalize on such an opportunity.

The information contained in this guide is based on many years of market experience, field work of setting up companies and providing investment and business structuring advice to a diverse international investor clientele.

Doing business in Dubai is no joke. Researching all the Dubai free zones, rules, regulations and procedures take a ton of time and money. This guide saves you the time to search the Internet up and down for valid information on how to get all the relevant information to make informed decisions and avoid spending too much money upfront.

This Guide gives you access to all the valid information needed to start a business in the UAE

What is so special about this guide?

This guide is very specific to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates UAE. Doing business and especially setting up a business here is very different from the rest of the world. The UAE has developed quite a bit of red tape over the last few years and trying to find out all the bits and pieces usually takes weeks and months of research, often draining your pockets.

This guide is fact based and includes the most recent trends and regulations as well as the hottest set up currently available in the UAE – E-Office / Virtual Office with full legal business license, 3-year renewable residence visa and eligibility to sponsor family and to open a corporate account. It is the whole gamut expensive Dubai business services firms offer.

In this e-guide we are sharing hands-on, practical information and what challenges you, an aspiring entrepreneur will face when venturing out to set up your own business in Dubai or Abu Abu Dhabi. Since all Emirates of the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Northern Emirates: Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujeirah, Umm Al Quwain) basically decide individually on their business set up rules, it can be a daunting task trying to find out what is the best way to set up and where.

Equipped with abundance of knowledge in this guide, you can make a more informed decision and will be alert and aware of potential surprises and challenges ahead of you as you start a business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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Start a Business in Abu Dhabi Now

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Here is just a brief glimpse of what this guide includes:


  • • General statistical information on UAE
  • • Overview rents Dubai / UAE
  • • Cost of living
  • • Things to consider when renting property in the UAE
  • • How does the Dubai rental market work?
  • • Banking
  • • How to get a UAE mobile phone card
  • • Taxation (UAE is 100% tax free)

How to get a tax residence certificate (to avoid double taxation in home country)

  • • E-Government
  • • Language for business
  • • Working hours
  • • Climate
  • • E-Gate Card (fast entry and exit)


  • • Challenges in finding the right type of set up
  • • Which is the best set up for my business? Common questions before setting up
  • • What is a Free Zone?
  • • What kind of licenses will be issued?
  • • Stumbling blocks for registration
  • • What costs are involved in setting up in a Dubai Free Zone?
  • • Can I buy my own office inside a Dubai Free Zone?
  • • Which Free Zone?
  • • Types of Free Zone companies
  • • Typical benefits of UAE Free Zones
  • • Factors to be considered when choosing a free zone
  • • List of Dubai Free Zones
  • • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Why setting up in UAE?
  • • What challenges to expect and what mistakes to avoid?
  • • What are costs involved in setting up in UAE?
  • • When will the company be legally operational?
  • • What are the challenges in adapting to the local business climate?
  • • Cost Calculator for Sponsor Set up Dubai (outside free zone) Dubai Economic Department


  • • General Information on how to set up a business in AD
  • • New Media Free Zone – twofour54
  • • Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone – ADAC
  • • Saadiyat Free Zone Authority
  • • Masdar City – Zero Carbon City – Green Technology Project
  • • List of Abu Dhabi Free Zones
  • • Important Abu Dhabi Ministries


  • • Definition Northern Emirates
  • • E-Office Facility (full business set up)
  • • Getting a Dubai Business Address with a Northern Emirates License
  • • Northern Emirates Free Zones offer E-Office Facility







  • • Setting up an E-Office - Step by Step
  • • List of Documents for an E-Office Set up




  • • Procedures for the Investor to get Residence Visa
  • • Family Visa
  • • General information on visa rules in UAE


  • • Abu Dhabi Business Info
  • • UAE Banks Comprehensive information on UAE / Middle East (Politics, Economy, Sports, Culture, Religion), Expat Living in UAE
  • • Newspapers, Directories
  • • Magazine – Entertainment - Tourism
  • • Dubai Newsletter Providers, Network / Business Groups in UAE
  • • Exhibitions, UAE Government, Schools, Universities
  • • Dubai FAQs - comprehensive website of everything you need to know



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Start a business on your own

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Just read some of the testimonials I have personally received from those who this guide has helped

"Hi Kish & Sunil,

I thank you very much for the Abu Dhabi jobs guide. The job searching process has been extremely frustrating for me I had given up long time ago.

I was not getting any responses from my applications and emails to agencies, recruiters and companies. I felt like I was wasting all my time. I had also paid fees to agencies but did not find anything.

I was very unhappy with my job in Bahrain and was told that more job cuts are coming for us. I knew my position was not secure. I am very much qualified yet I could not find a job in Abu Dhabi.

Online there are job positions everywhere but I couldn't get anyone to respond to me. I thank your job guide a lot because after applying the advice in it I was able to get 2 interviews. Both companies are flying me to Abu Dhabi for the interview and I am confident I will get an offer.

Many many thanks to both of you".

Sadia Akroush (Bahrain)

"I had no idea I had to fix my resume a certain type of way to get attention from employers in the Middle East. Not only that, but also thank you a ton for the advice on how to find jobs that are not advertised.

Most jobs advertised are bogus. Your advice helped me find the real jobs, which are usually not even advertised. But now I am talking to two companies, one in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi and am hopeful to get a job in Abu Dhabi soon. Thank you so much."

Graham Kaiser (Germany)

"Truly excellent, the best guide on jobs in the Middle East I have read. Thank you for the very helpful, accurate and most importantly practical guide in looking for jobs in Abu Dhabi.

My struggle to find a computer engineering job in Abu Dhabi has ended after months of trying. Thank you very much for writing such a useful guide for us."

Madhavan Ghoskale (Banglore, India)

If you cannot afford the expertise of well-established business consultants you may rely on information provided on the internet giving lots of conflicting and confusing information or trust people’s advice who only have hear-say information. If you speak to people in Dubai, everybody is a “specialist and expert” on everything trying to make a quick buck from you.

In reality only qualified and long-term established professionals can give relevant market information. However, this comes with hefty fees. After all, it saves you the time and frustration to go at it alone right?

Well so does this guide. If you have already spent considerable time investigating how to set up a small business in one of the world’s most prospering economies (yes, recession or not) then this is the right guide for you.

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