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So Much That It Can Be Overwhelming

Kish here to tell you about the fun and exciting things to do in Dubai

What is not there to do in Dubai?

No really! Dubai has everything!!

You must have heard this from people all around the world that this great City has everything….and that is NOT an exaggerated FACT.

From indoor ski slopes, to man made islands, this fascinating city offers everything for everyone.

If you are visiting Dubai for 1 day, 3 days, or a duration of 7 to 10 days (in my opinion just enough for a first time visitor), I have provided a snap shot of things to do in Dubai as well as my top picks.

So sit back and read on - make sure u take note of your top picks from my personal suggestions!

Dubai Desert Safari

Oh yes I highly recommend this! Many different tour companies offer a variety of desert safaris consisting of different activities such as dune bashing in Dubai, wadi driving, sand skiing, over night safaris, and desert feasts.

I recommend the Arabian Adventures Tour company to arrange your desert safari tour. One point to note, dune bashing in 4 wheel drives are like roller coaster rides. So if you have any specific health problems or are pregnant, this should be avoided. But this is def one of the best things to do in Dubai.

Read more about Dubai Desert Safaris here.

The Dubai Big Bus Tour

So you thought the big bus tours were available only in London, or Philadelphia? You were right! But now the big bus company offers comprehensive tours that cruise along the Dubai city’s highway and showcase some of the best attractions such as the Dubai Museum, Burj Al Arab, Ski Dubai, white sandy beaches, Palm Islands, Jumeirah Mosque, etc.

The tours are broken into two routes; City tour and Beach tour. You have hop on and hop off privileges all day so you can take your time without any rush! One of the must do things to do in Dubai.

Click here to read more about the Dubai Big Bus Tour

Dubai Shopping

Shopping in Dubai is serious business. So much that they dedicate a whole month to showcase shopping from around the world during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Often labeled as the shopping capital in the Middle East, this shopper’s paradise has everything from designer labels, to roadside cheap bargains. With so many different malls and souks (traditional vintage markets), it is easy to spend a whole day just shopping, shopping and shopping!

Everything is tax free! If you are with children or family, the malls are fully equipped with entertainment areas, huge food courts, and movie theatres. So don’t worry about the little ones- they will be taken care off while all your attention is focused toward the overwhelming shopping experience.

Click here to read about Dubai Shopping in detail.

Parks in Dubai & Dubai Beaches

White sandy beaches are not a rare sight in Dubai. In fact Dubai is well known for scenic parks and serene beaches. Mamzar Beach Park, Jumeirah beach Park, and Creekside park are some of the popular ones that all have barbeque pits, children’s play areas, lakes, swimming pools, boating, pony rides, etc.

Amusement parks in Dubai are no less in this spectacular destination. The Wild Wadi Water Park is Dubai’s premium water park that offers a complete package of fun, and excitement for the entire family.

Then there is the Wonderland Family Park that is broken into three sections - the Theme Park, Splashland, and the Main Street. There are days set aside for ladies only so make sure to check on this before heading out.

Camel Ride by a Dubai Beach

You will never run out of things to do in Dubai. At the very least you can take a stroll through the beaches of Dubai!

Read more about Parks in Dubai & Dubai Beaches here.

Ski Dubai

For an unforgettable snow experience in the middle of the hot desert, make sure you visit this indoor ski slope covered in 22,500 sq feet of real snow 365 days of the year! Located inside Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai has a mountain resort theme with 5 runs of various difficulties.

Click here to read more about Ski Dubai.

Burj Al Arab

This world class luxury hotel is set in the middle of an artificial island out from the Jumeirah beach. Burj Al Arab (literal meaning, ‘Tower of Arabs’), is THE ONLY 7 star hotel in the world with the cheapest room rate starting at $1,000 (USD).

It is built in a shape of a sail boat and looks beautiful at night with a display of multicolored laser lights. To be pampered for a whole night of luxury, make sure you book one of their suites and receive a personal Rolls Royce chauffer driven car and butler service.

Or if you just want to gaze at the beautiful architecture of this building, lounge at one of their coffee shops and be amazed by the wonderful surroundings.

Click here to read more about Burj Al Arab.

Dubai Museum

This historical landmark is located in the Al Fahidi Ford, in the middle of one of the oldest areas of Dubai city - Bur Dubai. To learn about how this city used to be in its early days and how it has progressed, a visit to the Museum is must.

Click here to read more about the Dubai Museum.

Take a look at this cool video by Watch Mojo on things to do in Dubai...

Palm Islands

Often refereed to as the eight wonder of the world, these breath taking artificial islands are designed in a shape of a palm tree. They boast commercial and residential infrastructure and are the world’s largest artificial islands.

There are a total of three islands, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira (all in different parts of the city). People have already started moving into Palm Jumeirah and the construction of all three islands is scheduled to be complete by post 2009.

Read more about the Palm Islands in this discussion.

Jumeirah Mosque

The only mosque open to non Muslims, this exquisite structure is a popular landmark in the city. To gain some knowledge about Islam, special tours are arranged for visitors and you will often find tourists clicking away pictures of this structure built of white stone, a perfect example of contemporary Muslim architecture.

I know I have listed too many amazing things to do in Dubai while you are in there. You are probably confused which ones to pick, especially if you don’t have much time in the city. If that is the case with you, then these are my top 3 picks:

• Desert Safari – Includes dune bashing in Dubai, dinner and a belly dancing show

• Mall of the Emirates (and you get to see Ski Dubai too!)

• The Dubai Big Bus Tour- you can see the entire city in a couple of hours.

I hope you found this discussion on the things to do in Dubai helpful. Please let me know which sites and activities you enjoyed the most. Please also let me know what else you would like to see included in this discussion.

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