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Hi – Sunil here to talk about your travel to Dubai

Traveling to Dubai is a whole lot easier these days; you no longer have to sail by any dhow in order to get here.

I can readily imagine what will happen if I were to do that, well, in all probability, I would be throwing up all the way to the Dubai port.

You might be thinking I’m nuts. But truth is that not until recently Dubai was a “no-namer” place.

Just think about it, when did you become aware of Dubai? Just now? Last year? Last couple years? Those are very common answers.

The last time I checked, we should be able to ‘dhow’ our way to this city from any corner of the world in the air-conditioned comfort of a plane.

All that you would need in order to travel to Dubai in comfort is a passport and a visa, with that; you should be all set to experience Dubai in its splendor.

As a frequent traveler, one of the problems I often encountered had to do with getting from point A to point B.

There have been a few times when I could not make the connecting flight in time and had to wait, fuming for hours on end for a connecting flight, an experience I am sure that some of you are already familiar with.

There are quite a variety of options that you can explore while trying to make a landfall here. You can travel to Dubai by air – this option may be the most sensible one, since most of the cities in the world are connected by a direct flight route to Dubai, making this the quickest way to reach here.

You can travel by a vehicle like a 4X4 or a car, but this option applies only if you are residing in any of the neighboring countries with a direct land route to this place. But I do not think that I have to tell you that any such journey would be tiresome, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘seated for pleasure’.

You can also get here by bus, especially if you are already in any of the neighboring provinces. A bus journey may not be as comfy as traveling by a plane and it can be quite time consuming, but if you are in the mood to experience the local flavor, then this is one of the best ways to do that. In addition, the bus rates are quite decent and they generally seat anywhere from 14-20 people per mini-bus.

Last but not the least; you can always travel by water to get here. With more than 120 shipping companies currently utilizing the facilities at the Jebel Ali port, getting a passage on a ship to Dubai should not be all that difficult. You can relax and enjoy the sedate journey as long as you do not get sea sick.

After getting to Dubai, you will realize that there is one too many sights of Dubai to explore, so you need to set some time aside to prioritize your Dubai sightseeing accordingly. Organizing a trip to this city can really take a toll on you, so much so that often you may feel the need to just let your hair down and relax. I recommend one of the many Dubai sightseeing tours to start with.

The perfect venue to relax would be the Bahri bar, located at the Madinat Jumeirah Resort. With the Jazz music playing in the background and with stunning views in front of you, you may feel your tension slipping away, all of it.

For a bit of the French experience, in cuisine as well as the music, you can then head to the Boudoir. The cocktails here are nothing short of excellent and some of them show a truly creative spark.

You can always catch up with your family or friends at the Lotus One, a lounge for just that purpose. These are just a few of my personal recommendations, one I hope that you will experience during one of your many visits to Dubai.

Eliminate the hassle of arranging your holiday all together and hire the best in the industry. The Hayes Jarvis travel team specializes in Dubai holiday packages and are definitely worth it from my experience.

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