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Hi, Sunil here to discuss the Dubai and the UAE Internet market

It is early 2009 as I write this article about one of my favorite areas of discussion, the internet and its growth.

And for the purposes of our website, the focus country of this discussion is the UAE.

The Internet is a critical part of our lives. Maybe as I write this, it isn’t as popular outside North America and Europe, but whether you like it or not it is here to stay and definitely the way to go in the future.

In North American, everything is conducted online, from buying groceries, electronics all the way to cars and even banking.

I cannot remember the last time I stepped inside a bank myself.

I often joke that soon we will be able to eat and sleep on the Internet as well.

Take a shower anyone?

This trend is spreading and will continue to spread globally.

The UAE internet market is relatively small compared to North America (as I write this). But there is also a significant size and population difference between the two regions. If one looks at relative proportion, the UAE internet market is quite strong and wide spread.

Why? Because of the heavy concentration of savvy expats who are in the region to work. These folks rely on the Internet for a lot of their day to day chores and communication back home. Expect this trend to continue if not increase as the other Emirates outside Dubai begin to develop.

The Dubai Internet market has been quite strong and will continue to be due to the nature of its demographics and the initiatives of the local Government. Heard of the Dubai Internet City? That alone should tell the story.

The UAE as a whole is definitely on the right path. Starting in 2009 you can access several government websites online and complete chores such as applying for a visa. Soon it will become just like the United States, if not better. The UAE pays top dollar for top talent. I am sure it won’t hold back on anything.

So expect this trend to continue. If you are an entrepreneur or in the telecommunications field, this might be a golden opportunity for you to capitalize on a growing market. Even after it hits maturity (a long ways from now), there will always be a strong need for your talent and ideas to support the developed infrastructure.

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