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Universities in Dubai - Getting A Quality Degree

Sunil here to briefly talk about the universities in Dubai.

Getting a degree in Dubai is more or less the same as getting a degree in any other country. There are quite a number of Universities and colleges you can apply for however the admissions requirements for each of these schools may vary.

If you are staying in Dubai with a permanent visa, application to these universities is easier but if you are a foreigner you are required to apply for a student visa.

If you want to study in Dubai as a foreign student it is necessary that you get accepted in the school first and once that is out of the way the University can endorse you for a student visa.

There are different schools with different courses offered with each school having their own specialty.

Aside from the special courses that they offer, the system of education may vary from one university to another.

What you can be certain about however is that the quality of education has been set to the same competitive standards similar to the best schools around the world.

You can either choose to study in a public university or a private university where the difference is mainly in the price you have to pay for the education. Of course, many would argue that private schools are more extensive in their teaching methods than those public universities. This may not be the case with Dubai colleges and universities however. The government of Dubai has takes education very seriously and as much as possible wants to provide everyone who wants to learn with equal and quality learning opportunity.

The universities in Dubai range from the local universities spread across the country and the western university extensions in Dubai bringing with them the curriculum of the mother school. Thus university studies in Dubai are very diverse, especially with the multicultural universities present in the Emirate.

If you are relatively new to the place and have no idea what the different universities are in the area, you can always ask assistance from the embassy or you can research online the different colleges and universities that are in Dubai. You can get their contact information online from their websites. You can also see pictures of the campuses and learn more about the individual style of teaching, the different curriculums and the cultures within the university.

There are even application forms for these universities online. You can simply download, fill them out and send the application to the school. You don’t have to be in Dubai to apply to these schools. However, know that the admissions process for a foreign student application is quite different compared to those who are already in Dubai.

Make sure that you fulfill the requirements that you need for whichever university you are applying to so that you have a better chance of getting accepted into their program. If you are not that confident with one university you can always send applications to multiple different schools to increase your chances of being able to study in one of the universities in Dubai. I guess it’s not as bad as it can be.

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