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The US Embassy in Abu Dhabi


It is important to beaware of the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi and its mission to maintain diplomacy and public relations through the Ambassador there.

The United States has maintained a good relationship with the United Arab Emirates since 1971 and in fact they were the third country in the world to officially declare and establish a formal diplomatic relationship with the UAE after its inception.

There has been a US Ambassador present in the country since 1974 and there have been a total of 3 different embassy buildings during that time.

The picture above is the most recent US Embassy building to be built in Abu Dhabi.

You may be wondering just exactly what the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi can do for you so I’m going to tell you all about the services provided by the embassy to US citizens who are visiting Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

The US Embassy is there to provide support and aid in the unlikely event that you should need it.

US Embassy Abu DhabiThey are able to offer passport assistance in case you should lose your passport or if it gets stolen, say in your purse or backpack should they get snatched from you.

These citizens’ services are provided primarily to protect and defend citizens of the US. In the unfortunate event that you get arrested while on vacation or during your stay in Abu Dhabi, the US Embassy is available 24 hours a day 7 day a week to provide you with the necessary help that you need.

You can also report births abroad (and obtain a social security number for your new family member if you so desire), obtain notary public services, get assistance with tax preparation (if you live abroad), and even vote if your stay in Abu Dhabi coincides with election time in the US.

All of these services and more are provided to citizens visiting Abu Dhabi if they need them.

Aside from providing these valuable services to citizens of the United States, the US Embassy is in place to ensure diplomacy and public relations between the two countries are well maintained and cultivated to the fullest extent possible.

The Ambassador holds a very important job and if he does his job well, then relations between these two will continue to flourish and grow, which will certainly make your stay as a United States citizen in Abu Dhabi that much better.

US Embassy Abu Dhabi

The US Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the US Ambassador to Abu Dhabi hold the key to good public relations. The employees of the Embassy are all dedicated to providing and maintaining excellent diplomacy standards to ensure that tourism and trade in Abu Dhabi continues to grow.

They are also committed to providing the necessary assistance that you as a US citizen might need on your travels in Abu Dhabi. For more information about the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi, what services they can offer to you in your time of need, and relevant updates to current situations abroad, you can always check their website and or call the Embassy directly.


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