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The Weather in Dubai is Not as Bad as People Say

The weather in Dubai is not as bad as people make it to be.

It is a desert so what do you expect?

The temperatures get pretty warm like they do in any desert, but that is mainly during the summers.

Temperatures can get in the 40 degrees at night sometimes in the winter.

Not many people talk about that. It is like any other place on earth, it fluctuates.

The hotness in the summer just depends on how close to the equator a country is.

Anyway I have been living here for 2 years now and I don’t think the weather here is bad at all. In fact I enjoy the Dubai climate. I have a perfect tan all year long and I enjoy going to the beaches a lot.

The best time to experience Dubai for a foreigner is during any non summer month. People will tell you that Dubai weather is best in December, which is true but sometimes it can really get cold enough where you can’t be at the beach. At night you have to wear a sweater.

One main thing people don’t realize when they bad mouth the weather in Dubai is that it’s not like you will be outside the whole time. Everything you do is inside, mostly at least. You get in an air conditioned car and go from point A to point B.

When you get to point B you go inside the air conditioned building. So why does the temperature matter? It doesn’t rain that much so in fact you are better off that way because you won’t get wet when you go from point A to point B.

So overall I’d like to say that despite so many people complain about the Dubai's weather for any reason, it is really not that bad. So many people are moving here for jobs and coming for vacation and they are doing just fine.

-Michelle A.

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