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Where is Dubai Located?


Where is Dubai located? 

Well, I’ll tell you about where Dubai is situated and about finding Dubai on the map.

Where is Dubai located?

Dubai is one of seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates and finding Dubai is a matter of taking a look at the Persian Gulf as it is situated on the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula.

Not only does Dubai have the largest population in the entire UAE but it comes second to Abu Dhabi in terms of having the largest land territory by area.

If you take a look at the geography of Dubai, you will see that where Dubai is situated is in the Persian Gulf coast of the UAE estimated to be around 16 meters above sea level.

On the southern part, it shares a border with Abu Dhabi, northeast with Sharjah, and southeast with the Sultanate of Oman.

Where is Dubai LocatedIf you are navigating Dubai these are some of the points you should take a look at.

A minor exclave of Dubai is Hatta and it is surrounded not only by Oman but also by the emirates of Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman.

Most of Dubai is made up of land reclamations and so it stretches to about 4,114 square kilometers in land are.

Dubai is located directly within the Arabian Desert but when it comes to Dubai’s topography, you will notice that it is different as compared with the other emirates of the UAE.

While other parts of the UAE are characterized by gravel deserts, Dubai is significantly different because you will see sandy desert patches instead.

This is how the southern part of Dubai will look like if you look at a map. On the eastern side, sabkha or salt crusted coastal plains will meet you and in the north finding Dubai is a matter of finding a running line of dunes.

Answering the question of where is Dubai located is also a matter of checking to see if farther up north the dunes are significantly larger and appear reddish due to iron oxide.

When it comes to the query of where is Dubai located, where Dubai is situated is an area that gives way to the Western Hajar Mountains and its natural inlet which is the Dubai Creek.

In Dubai, you will not find as many bodies of water or oases resulting in the dredging of the Dubai Creek in order to make it deep enough for vessels to pass through.

What you will find in Dubai are a number of gorges and waterholes but that is about it.

What is great about the location of Dubai though is that it is not as prone to tsunamis and the like especially due to the fact that the Persian Gulf is not deep enough to cause one.

In terms of where Dubai is, the area is where wild grasses and date palms thrive and it provides a great environment for a number of different flora and fauna.

This is where Dubai is situated my friend.


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