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Women in Dubai - Women Of A Different Breed

Kish here to briefly talk about the women in Dubai

When you visit Dubai, there are a number of things that you should know when it comes with dealing with the people of the place especially the women of Dubai.

Women in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are very much respected in their society as women are regarded as the carriers of life and the ones responsible for procreation.

Without them humanity will not survive and for this they are given great importance in the society that is not always the case in the western society.

Though Dubai is fast becoming a modern city, old belief systems in the treatment of women still very much hold their sway.

There are many things that one needs to learn when dealing with women whether at home or in the workplace of Dubai. For instance, men stand up when women enter a room - this still applies to many workplaces and homes.

Especially in the homes where women are usually found in many different rooms of the house, it is not customary where you can just start up a conversation with one of these women. Women’s culture in Dubai dictate that you do not socialize with them and keep to yourself. It really sucks for men if they spot a nice one, that is, if you can see how they look. Some still wear burkas and have their faces covered.

In Public places it is not customary that you can just walk up to a woman. Mature women in Dubai keep to themselves and are not that approachable for idle chitchat. The only time you can actually approach or talk to them is if it is business related in nature. And if so, do not even try to strike a friendly encounter as this can be highly misunderstood.

In the west you would often greet a woman with a handshake. In Dubai, this is a big no. Dubai culture , and the UAE for the most part would indicate that the only time you offer a handshake to women is if they are the ones who initiate the exchange. Otherwise, keep your hands to yourself.

When you come across a relatively modern Dubai woman, keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. Though modern in many ways, most are well imbibed culturally and spiritually. So use caution. It’s definitely quite a shift in attitude. This applies even when talking about the Dubai women. For example, you are not to ask an Arab man things pertaining to his wife or female members of his family as this can be miss understood.

No, don’t pull your hair out. This is just how the culture is. If you are to spend time in Dubai, then spend enough time up front to learn and respect the local culture. Many such things can be a rather delicate matter but knowing these little things can save you the embarrassment, or even harsh punishment by the government.

Women’s culture in Dubai is both a mix of the past and present and is still continuing to evolve and though there is an inclination to move to the more modern treatment of women, the role of the women in the society is still very much like old times and dictated by their beliefs and culture that have existed for hundreds of years. Now don’t get yourself into too much trouble.

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