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Want to Work in Dubai? Know the Working Guidelines First

Hi, Sunil here to talk about work in Dubai

Who wouldn’t want to work in a place where there is no personal taxation?

Dubai is one such place, but working in Dubai comes with its own set of guidelines, one that no one should ignore. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

The UAE labor law has set in place a series of working guidelines that all employees in Dubai should take a second if not a third look at.

These guidelines are not something to be sneezed at for penalties can be enforced should you break one of them.

Generally, before setting foot in Dubai it is a good idea to get all the details worked out between yourself and the employer so that there are no misunderstandings later on. One sure way to avoid any such mix-ups would be to follow the guidelines to the letter.

I know that may sound a bit foolish to you, being asked to follow a set of guidelines when it comes to doing one’s job. But these guidelines are here for a reason and that is to avoid any misunderstandings between the employer and the employee.

The guidelines put forth by the government kind of reminds me of my school days, what to do and what not to do. One step out of line and it is detention time, my mind boggles at what the penalty here would be though.

Anyway, getting back to the guidelines, the numero uno is punctuality, that’s a given no matter wherever you work. The second thing on the list to catch my attention is ‘not to fail to come to work without an acceptable reason’. So I guess that means no fibbing around and taking the day off.

The third one is ‘not to mess with the machines and equipments at work’. I am not sure how many of us want to go and play tango with the copier but this is one rule that I have no problems with. The fourth one deals with arguments or bodily harm. It is ‘not to assault your boss verbally or by action’, so no matter how much we may want to punch someone’s lights out, we should exercise control (mouuuuusssa).

You should not fake illness in order to avoid a safety inspection, I guess until and unless you are Homer Simpson, you can go with this as well. The next one is ‘not to abandon work under any reason’, so we cannot just drop things and take off when ever we feel like it.

The next one deals with annual leave and tells you ‘not to fail to come to work at the end of the leave’. So I guess gloomy Saturdays are back in season for now. The list just goes on and on, with a whole lot of things that you cannot do at work in Dubai.

The list is out to stay, so you should definitely take note of this one if you plan to work in Dubai. Most of the things listed here are nothing but good common sense, things that you ought to be doing anyway. But in order to avoid any misunderstandings at work, it is better to follow the list to the letter, especially if you are angling for a promotion.

The great thing about work in Dubai is the way things are so neatly organized, from working hours to the number of annual leave days that each employee is allowed. Now you might prefer a more flexible set-up but for most employees in Dubai, this is the “way of work” they know about.

I highly recommend the Dubai Job Secrets book as a comprehensive guide to landing the ideal job for you and working in Dubai.

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